Monday, 8 June 2009

They need more busses during the strawberry fair and girl friends shouldnt nipple twist you

So im sitting in my misuses bed being horribly nipple twisted due to not paying attention to her. OH GOD THE PAIN.
Anyway to the normal ranting. This Saturday was the Strawberry fair in Cambridge joy of joys. Once more im not there as im surprise surprise working. So I go in bout 12 spend till half 10 working my butt off (whilst the other 2 did slack a fair bit that night). Then I bugger off to get my bus. Ok so the bus was late then there wasn't enough room to get on. This is the last bus of the night and i cant get on cause its full of drunkards and stoners FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC. For the Love of Morrow can someone please over at Cambridge county council put on extra bus services so that some of us dont get stranded. I had to call in a ride from the old man at 25 past 11 he was not ammused (another reason to get driving i suppose). Then walked down to Marshals where I had a interesting conversation with a nice lady who had been at the fair and had just dumped her boyfriend. And thats a story for another day.

So this Firday sees the next part of the witchfire trilogy come into play. So far ive got 3 of the 6 players attending yays one i know still aint ready the other 2 i dont know wtf there doing atm. But hey one more player than last time the magical girl will be a interesting one to introduce to the party. With the paladin it would be you've been sent to Corvis to assist Father Dumas an to act as the temples protector or something like that (although the temple isnt on the front line for at least 5 years yet). And the barbarian well she just follows the Paladin so hey alls good.

But tonight it shall get dark quite early and they shall return to the church (hopefully where father Dumas will be awaiting with a interesting story to tell them and a Young lady will be there being her joyful self (is alexia joyful?).

and then of course begins the next part of the fun. The problem with the longest night is there is not alot of combat involved in it. More investigataion than anything else. Shadow of the Exile and the Lost legion or legion of the damned or whatever its called see the players truly kicking some arse.

Anyways missus has brought food so im signing off