Saturday, 27 June 2009

one last thing

They want me to do some seesions in person. On a saturady. Guess they havent got it into there skulls yet that Gettign a Saturday off is like golddust for me. Also not everyone can do saturdays. Kylie cant I cant of by the way whoopti do if they can but you know most of them dont acctuay have jobs which is good for them do your own sessio nwhenever you want.

/end rant

I hates ma job

SO I finneshed a manic day at work. It sucked balls royaly. As ive decided to leave uni and not do the 3rd year I have to look towards employmrnt. Honestly I cant see myself doing this job much longer. The hours are terrible. I never really get to see my friends and therse sometimes a rare chance I might get toi see Kylie and I have had to cut back the hours I put in to doing RPGS (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)
So yeah I am not amused by that as you probaly can tell (Oh god why WHYYYY). Im thinking of just finding a nice job in a little shop bookstore 9-5 ,ost days heck dont mind working saturday as long as im working full time getting paid and not finnishing work at 2 in the morning.

SO yeah once I find a new job I could put working in a kitchen as a another job I never want to repeat.

We had our all day session of Iron Kingdoms Thursday. Well mostly all dya one or two hicups. People had a few thigns to do so we had a recesion inbetween. The Paladin was a pain. Complained about not getting a cut of the loot.

Ok break down herse how it goes. The loot they found was loot they found before they met the paladin. The paladin just appeared out of nowhere essentialy ans then after the fray told them dumas had sent him to find them and make sure they were safe.

So they got back to town sold there loot and the paladin got nout cause the party decided that because he wasnt there he didnt need to know bout it. THe player got annoyed and decided to be a pain for a while. Its the parties choice who gets loot not mine.

He got annoying later talkign about doing many unlawful things like breaking into alexias room etc. I got accussed of blocking the playersi n every time. Sorry but a execuntioners identity is always secret and Idoubt there would be a record of wh ohe was available to the public.
AQlso hey just because I told him that he couldnt break into Alexias room dosent stop the rest of the party.

I caved later and gave them some ideas on what they could do mainly cause they wanted to stake out the witches tomb aghai nwhen you get the idea you know with the emprty coffins and all that that place is pretty much done with.

SO you know I hinted to them that they should probaly follow alexia. So they did 2 avenues 1 group followed alexia (the arcane mexhanik) the other party would sneak into her room (the sorceror).

The paladin jsut went on beign annoying. The fighter wen out gun shopping and is now packing a military pistol and plenty of bullets (amazing what you can buy once yo uhave lots of gold).

So anyway they find out about the catacombs heado n down hav the chat with alexia find soem clues to what ashes doing and then there off. The paladin after a fruitless exploration of the tomb decided they should cut it short and then asked why i didnt pre build all my maps. Simple answer I prefer drawing them as we go along because that way you dont know what to expect round the corner. Also If I was DMing in person they wouldnt have a map id make them draw it. As they say Sapre the rod beat the child. In other words dont always bend to your players dont give the everything they need to make there adventure a walk i nthe park.

So then we took a break as apaprently everyone was bored. To be honest they were not.

I had a chat with the other players and yeah they just needed a hours breather and then we could begin ahgain. They were just annoyed with everything. Especialy the paladins girlfeidn who was sittign in skype listening and commenting on everything as if she was playing it annoyed everyone adn I couldnt boot her as it was the paladins conversation (new rule dm is skype conversation leader). So yeah after a tal kwith the paladin he appolagised promised he wouldnt mess around as much and we got in again. Now I let the girl firend back in under the guise of if she annyoed my players she would be politely asked to leave.

Now she jsut asked questions as we went on about how this works and such jsut gettign an idea of the game (She may one day join in). so thigs were going off without a hitch. Of then gametable started to fail on us. Gametable be the software we use. So we spent the rest of the night looking at new software to use im going with glittercomm I kinda fell in love with it. It does mean I need to pre build my maps as i havent got a map i can drqaw on anymore but it does come with a fog of war option so i can hide things where I want to.

Still not ammused dont think the paladin understands what kind of DM I am the add hoc kin. E.G I got an idea where im going with the story I just make alot of stuff up as I go along.

He also comaploined it wasnt very interactive and you know I didnt try and pull the players in?. Dont know what he meant by that afterall im runnign the witchfire trillgy a pre written campaign and I am addign a few extra thigns in as i go along like Kais sorcerors pursuer also known as the temple of Menoth. Yeah i sent a knight exemplar after them they just survived. I also hit them with a Gorax fun times.

also no one else is honestly findin it boring and are havign a blaast. Ehmust be him.

Im doen ranting work tommorow morning good night

Monday, 22 June 2009

Star trek rockeths the boat

Even though Star Trek has been out at the cinema for well over a month now I only just saw it today.

So me and the loverly girlfriend decide spur of the moment that well go see it today. Also meant I could go pick up my promo magic cards. So we get in promo cards not here yet ARRGH!!!! We scared poor Graham (the owner of Inner Sanctum) well the missues did without realising it, and I brought the love of my life her 1st Warmachine minatures. They happen to be the same faction as mine. This means that I now by default have to work on a new faction. Done Llase mercenary force here we come. ANyway off we go to games workshop to get paints and drill that she brought muahahaha got usb stick back and then off we went to cinema to get tickets. However we were detoured to the ELc and one more shop. If I had a young kid right about now i would be extremely happy (all the toys SQEEEEEEEE). But yeah we get the tickets then we head to my work for food.

We missed the 1st showing at vue. We missed the 2nd veiwing. DAMN FOOD TOOK TO LONG >.< and they made the wrong pizza so had to wait for the right one. So we bumbled down to cineworld got our tickets there and finnaly sat down to watch it.

Now I really really enjoyed this movie. People told me it was good I did not realise how good. The opening made me go gah. And then it was just awesome from there on in. I want a new Star Trek series based on that movie NOW NOW NOW NOW !!!! If you havent seen it yet go now.
Next film I and Kylie will be seeing is Blood the Last Vampire (a must if youve seen the anime) so thats all for now.
except my xbox has gone 3 red lights on me so i gotta fix that tommorow so i can play and review duel of the planeswalkers (is it worth 800 gammer points). So more tommorow.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Today is walk like house day

So yeah today is a good day to impersinate house. Last night I hada little accident. Whilst doing one hell of a close shift (didnt nget off until 2:20 didnt get home until 3pm) I went flying across my kitchen whilst cleaning it as the floor round pot wash was a "tad" wet. Got up kept working done. Now the ride home was painful and trying to get up onto my bed whats about 3' high was increadbly painful. This morning it was worse. Ive doen the leg in round the groin area which means trying to bend comes with ALOT of pain.

So apart from that very little to report except oh god the pain the pain of it all. Also I look funny hobbling.

So D&D this thursday. its a longer session than the last lot so I hope to be through the 1st part of the Witchfire Trilogy. So hooray for that i want to get on with part 2. For I need my Vinter Raelthrone Fix.

For those who dont know Vinter is the former King of Cygnar (the nation the witch fire trilogy is set in) who was a tyrant and was overthrown by his younger brother. he then escapes across the supposedly barren bloodstone marches finds the Skorne and single handedly conquers them and is now leading a army of skorne across the Bloodstone Marches towards Corvis (the City centered round the Witchfire Trilogy) So by the time the part y finnish part 2 they will find a army at there doors.

Now vinter is essentialy this character the Party is not going to beat for along time. Privateer dont advise giving him stats just when the party does meet him give the impression it would be nuts to take him on. You essentialy see him maybe try and get a shot in he nicks you and then you and he are carried away from each other by 2 fighting warmies and so long as you dpnt follow him you WONT DIE.

God my players are going to die. But Vinter does have a number next to his name and its in the fairly high epics. Even in warmachine they gave him a stat card and you could easily see him tear through a army. Anyway I shall end my post there as I need to pee and its takes me forever to get up the stairs. Someone get me a bottle.