Thursday, 5 November 2009

looking forward to warmachine mk2

with a few months left I am getting really excited about Warmachine MK2. Not just the updated rules but also the releases what come with it. The basic heavy warjack's (the ones that featured in prime and prime remix) will be released as a single plastic kit with parts to make 4 variants. Yes all have a 4th variant which is brand new and I am looking forward to Khadors new variant the DECIMATOR!!!
This is a true Khadoran Warjack Sporting a chainsaw on one arm and a rifled cannon SWEET!!!
But that is not all these jacks have undergone a facelift. My beloved Khadoran jacks now have the same design as the Extreme Juggernaut which is mouth watering good.

Also with the latest version of Warmachine they are releasing faction books. The 1st to be released being Cygnar. This book will be the definitive guide to Cygnar holding unit rules, painting advice, information on the organisation of the Cygnaran military and much more.

So mk2 looks like it will be fun joy fen out

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The red warmachines statistics part 1

Hey folks fen here getting back on track with blogging I still have to write up a review of last game but that will be up in the next few days.
Today I bring you the 1st in a series of posts where im going to try and give my own thoughts on 3.5 representation of units from warmachine. Essentialy this is me giving them stats so I can use them in future games. This is not going to be me saying this is how they should be but my own thoughts and ideas, I will be defiantly staying away from characters like yuri and the great bears and warcasters. I feel giving named characters stats is a stupid idea as your players are more likely to try and kill them.
One last thing if I don't stat up certain units like iron fangs then they already have there stats in a no quarter somewhere.

Ok now lets get down to businesses 1st up is one of my favourite units in the red army known as Khador the Manhunter.

Name: Manhunter

Race: Human (Khardic)

Class: Ranger 9

HP: 77 (6d8+5)

AC: 17 (10+4+3)

Initiative: 8 (4+4)

Speed: 30ft





















Base attack Bonus: 9/4

Saves: Fort : 8 (6+2)
Will: 5 (3+2)
Ref: 10 (6+4)

Skills: Hide 12, Knowledge nature 8, knowledge tactics 3, knowledge geography 7, listen 12, Move Silently 12, search 12, spot 12, survival 12, climb 3, swim 3

Feats and abilities: Favoured enemy (human), track, Wild empathy, Favoured terrain (artic), Alertness, endurance, Woodland stride, evasion, favoured terrain (forest), weapon proficiency (simple, martial), armour proficiency (light , medium, shields), improved initiative, two weapon fighting, combat reflexes, stealthy, toughness, weapon focus battleaxe, weapon specialisation

Equipment: 2 battle axes (1d8+6, X3), Rations, hide armour

Initialy I was going to make them barbarians but then I went and re-read the manhunters backstory. These guys and gals are hunters who have taken up hunting the deadliest game ... MAN!!!
So I changed them to the Iron Kingdoms ranger variant. I then geared them towards being the mightiest hunters of Khador. there hide is at modest 18 (4 from DEX + 12 ranks in hide + 2 for stealthy) making them difficult to spot and with track, spot, listen and search maxed out they'll be difficult to shake. Manhunters are weapon masters so I gave them weapon focus and specialisation.
I made them 9th level as iron fangs are level 6 and as there a specially trained unit I thought manhunters should be a few levels higher. My thoughts for this were that manhunters as solos are capable of dispatching a unit of grunts like say trenchers. also it allowed me to give them there second bonus terrain. I chose artic and forests as that's what Khador has a lot of snow and trees.
If you want to lower or up the levels go ahead comments and criticism welcome.

And if anyone is intrested on my thoughts of yuri I would say11th/3rd level IK ranger with 1 or 2 levels of barbarian.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dying of pig flu is a lark

Oh yes After I finnaly got off holiday last week I essentialy have been feelign like crap and Diagnosed with Swine Flu so this week ill mostly be sitting on my arse job hunting. thats right Pizza Hut im gonna leave you, leave you like a used tissues.

But anyway London Expo was Fantastic, met up with some old friends made some new ones and got engaged.

Yes Me and miss Kylie Smith have taken the plunge and decided to get married ... when we have the money ... in 2 years ... OH GOD HELP ME.

But anyway I got to have a good look at LEft for Dead 2 and Star Trek Online. I am now looking forward to STO after playign through the demo mission. Space combat is easy to play through as it feels Like playing Star Fleet Command and thee land based combat feels like I am playing City of Heroes.

Ok for the purchases. I managed to get a good hall of Gunpla.
  • 1/100 Regen Guel Gundam
  • 1/144 HG FA-78-3 Full Armour Gundam 7th
  • 1/100 RXR-44 Guntank
Now The Guntank is a really cool 1/100 because its a Gundam F-91 kit the Guntank is a TINY 1/100 scale kit in comparison to your average 1/100 Gundam. For example here is a picture of the Regen Duel with the Guntank. So awesome. my Shin Musha Gundam (once its finnished).
These two shall have pride of place next to my Ver Ka Ball and and My Shin Musha Gundam (once it is completed).
Me and Kylie also had a Chibis drawn of us to celebrate the day. Also thanks once more to Luchia for the Lovely bottle of wine she brought us as a Engagement present.

So yeah as we know it wouldnt be my blog without me having a good rant. this rant goes out to the organisers of the MCM London Expo. WHAT THE HELL was going on Saturday. Seriously Saturday was essentially chaos. Saturday was big I belive this year they had use of an extra hall the place was crammed it was hard to walk and get to stalls. But if the organisers knew this WHY THE CRAP did they not have a larger entrance or a second Entrance. Normally after your in you can go out and get back in a flash. This year nope the que to get back in (yes a que to get back in) was so huge it was going right down the food courts in the Excel centre Fortunately me and Kylie que jumped or we would have been waiting a long time. Also They changed the hand stamps to uv ones. We were all worried that we had rubbed em off. Thank Thamar that Sunday was quiet. Next day.

Right think thats where I shall leave thuis blog as I gotta bring you back up to speed on our IK campaign events. Later days folks.