Sunday, 27 September 2009


So im having a bad weekend as i sit here a 1 am and i gotta be up at 5 ish and at work at 8 till very late possibly even later like that Watching the Watchmen (oh yeah) and being pretty fuming. Mainly cause well one of the guys at work has not showed up for 2 whole days. Also known as the FREAKING WEEKEND, also known as OUR BUSIEST TIME!!!.

Had to do a damn close by myself on a Saturday and well now we dont know where he is so if he dont show up tomorrow I gotta do his close Saturday so that means no freaking D&D possibly maybe ... GAH!!!

But anyway ive now vented down to what happened. So after talking with mr Selly one night about what I should do with 3 of the our 6 players who were showing up that week (selly was one of the lads not showing up that week). and I was vbouncing off ideas and selly came up with why not split em up make em work hard. Uhh yeah that a tough thing to do but we gave it a whirl. So I set a great scene in Corivs under Lockdown in a nice quiet tavern when a sorceror being hutned down by the inquisitors and the watch burtst in all hell breaks loose 2 off the party are carted off to jail.
So our gun ho fighter and our gun mage are locked up and not really tryign to get out. Whilst The Arcane Mechanik has formulated a plan he just needs a way in.
And he found in his workshop along with his flamethrower. 2 Warjacks minus cortexes. And he jsut happened to stumble across a old one (need to work out how degraded it is). so Yeah off al goes with his Mule and essentially breaks intoo jail and rescues the guys plus a Arcane Tempest gun Mage.

Course I didnt make the escape easy hell al had a problem handling the jack with his low pointsi n Jack handling but he did ok.
And ofr fun I gave them one hell of a end fight them, there Mule vs Skorne warriors a pain giver and a titan. Yeah it was awesome. Unfortunately the skorne never really got in the game as the mules stray shot ripped them to shreds.
But a fun tie was had by al land now al isl ooking towards Warcaster as a end game resiult.

Also they were askign where they go after the witchfire i said about my idea of the merc company and they seem to like that idea. So were off to fight the Kahrds (probaly).

Right im off to bed night.