Thursday, 19 June 2014


So I have finally begun a monthly Iron kingdoms campaign you can watch us play live on twitch at So far weve had 2 games split over 3 sessions. And hoo boy never taken that long to do a average sized dungeon. Ill set the scene we had 4 players:
• Dwarven mechanik/seaforge commission and merc treasurer played by rob
• Ordic aristocrat/miltary officer and captain of merc company played by my wife Kylie
• Iosian gunmage/duelist played by Dave
• Caspian Sorcerer/Alchemist played by Jenny

This merc company low on funds and loaded with ammunition land at ternon crag after a disastrous mossion in Llael. Immediately the taverfrn is found drinks are drunk Rob goes off buying needed materials with there dwindling money.

They find out that the Sheriff is looking for a geoup of well armed people to look into citizens gone missing from there own homes in the dead of night. They track the missing persons to a abandoned mine shaft.
Inside the shaft they find monstrous grotesc creatures carving up the citizens of ternon crag and immediately death ensues. Straight into combat the party find out how terrifying combat in the iron kingdoms can be as one of the beasts takes a pistol and shoots Dave for mass damage. Immediately the team comes up with a new plan everyone behind Robs labor jack which proceeds to tear onto them. Feeling confident that a 2 wide corridor and a jack what takes up all the room will contain hold back the butchers of doom.

Next session comes along Jenny was not avalible and we were down a team mate. Continuing into tje mine they find the coridkrs widen tears stream from robs eyes. As new combat rages on. Perception rolls are taken each turn for all the beasties nearby. They soo  find that the creatures have managed to circle around the party and attack them from the rear. After a quite epic combat round is resolved the party search the roo.s to fi d loot vlasting powder and jerkyed remaoms of humans dwarves and trollkin.

Due to outside reasons we had to due the second half of the session the followong week. This time my wife was unavailable but Jenny was and the boss dight ensued. 1 boss monster, 2 lieutenants and 3 minions. The team adopted rhe plan of plugging the hole with a jack and Rob  plugging the end gap. And this is where the party learned the next part of ik rpgs combat viciousness.

Jenny and dave now only have one choice to shoot over Rob as hes in the way of there target. So there is rob and his jack plugging the gap taking a beating getting bloodied up by the lieutenants at the same time bullets and ice spells are going over there heads. Then the unthinkable happened jenny shot a boosted spell at the lt dighting rob missed she then rolled to see if she hits rob and she does dealing almost max damage as robs armour stat is reduced when hit from behind. Rob goes down bleeding out.  At this point the team begins to panic a lt and the minions ard down but the other lt and the boss are still standing and the boss has got full health.

Jenny tries to revive rob whilst dave holds the gap as the jack continues irts last order.unable to revive rob jenny stands there confused and unable to figure out what to do dave defiant that they can take the beasts or die trying.  Suddenly as if spurred on by the gods the dwarf wakes up nearly dead and orders the two to run as they do he blows the blasting powder taking the jack himself and the monsters. With the explosion and caved in the mine juat as the group escaped.

So wounded physicaly and moraly the party sets off to town to get there reward and set sail to Corvis the city of ghosts.

It was by that point I realised 3 games ive run with rob in and 3 times his characters have died. Unlucky or divine planning ... ill nevet tell.