Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Of Gods and Men part 2

Azeroth – God of Law and Human Purity
Greater Deity
Symbol:A Generic Human
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful
Worshippers: Humans, Asimar
Cleric Alignments: LG, LE, LN
Domains: Good, Evil, War, Law, Strength, Destruction
Favoured Weapons: Halberd

Azeroth is the law bringer and slayer of Pelor. He is the patron of the Empire of Azeroth which he founded in his Mortal days. Azeroth created a pure human society, no off shoots. No Half elves, no shifters, no teiflings. The only exception to this rule has been the asimar who after his ascension are believed to be blessed by Azeroth. Azeroth from his youth believed those who were not pure human to be a weakness. He also sees other races as lesser beings to humans.
His pet hate is Demons and even though he permits other races and half casts to live (albeit a second class citizens i nhis eyes) demons and those with demon blood in there veins are abominations and must be purged from the world.
He Slew Pelor for believing him to be too soft upon law breakers and took his power for his own.

Binar – God of Warforged, Knowledge, innovation
Greater Deity
Symbol:warforged face
Home Plane:Forgeria
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Worshippers: Warforged, Inventors, Scholars
Cleric Alignments: LN
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Magic
Favoured Weapons: Warhammer

Binar is the 1st construct to ever achieve god hood. He destroyed the creation forges which the old nations were using to create warforged slaves. He then led a rebellion what lasted 100 years until he ascended. He constructed a plane which was one enormous creation forge from which new warforged are created and are sent to the mortal plane every 20 years. Only 20 warforged are sent to the realm every 20 years however there is a legend of a island made of metal where hundreds if not thousands of warforged lives.

Drachenstien – God of good dragons
Greater Deity
Symbol:Silver Dragons Claw
Home Plane:
Alignment: Good
Worshippers: Orcs, warriors
Cleric Alignments:LG, CG, NG
Domains: Good, War, Law, chaos, Strength, protection, Healing
Favoured Weapons: Maul

Drachenstien is a dragonborn, his original name has been lost in time. He ascended to god hood after defeating Tiamat and was ready to take his side at his masters side when he found he had disappeared. No body could be found with the other bodies of the recently deceased gods in the astral plane. He now has his servants seek out clues to Bahamuts whereabouts. so far he has had no success. His rivals are the Granddaughters of tiamat the 5 half dragon sisters who have taken timamts power in her stead.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Of gods and men

Hey folks well I gotta say im failing at blogging huh. My audio blogs are mia till i can find a new host and yeah. But non the less I have come to inform you good mortals that I am still alive and working on stuff.

So a few months back we started a new D&D non IK game entitled a land of high adventure(soon to be named the new age).
This was a all day trial run of using sanity in old 3.5 d20 and to test out what I had so far for concepts Orcs with honour stumped my players.
But yeah Currently i am building upon the campaign. The plan is to change round alot of things. 1st of Which is the Patheons.

I Have Decided some time ago there was a god war. The Mysterious over pantheon helped Mortals upon the physical plane gain god hood and slowly they grew in power until they came into conflict with the old gods. The old Gods are now dead, in hiding, exiled to the mortal plane or imprisoned.

SO now the new Gods rule over the mortal plane and the inhabitants have adapted to this regime change. infact under the new gods alot of advancement has begun. New technologies, ideas, etc.

But For now lets look at the new players.

Baadish - New Orc God
Greater Deity
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshippers: Orcs, warriors
Cleric Alignments: LG
Domains: Good, War, Law, Strength
Favoured Weapons: Great sword

 Baadish was a Orc revolutionary who carved out a Orc kingdom and helped Drachenstien and Felis Slay Tiamat. Fought and defeated Gruumsh and imprisoned him deep within the earth.
He is opposed to Azeroth. When they were still Mortals Azeroth and Baadish were oppossed to each other as Azeroth viewed non humans as lower forms of life and had no problems exterminating there kind. The 2 gods still are set against each otheras Azeroths ideals are carried on by his worshippers.

FELIS - God of the Hunt and Catfolk

Intermediate Deity 
Symbol:Cats Paw
Home Plane: Savana
Alignment: Neutral
Worshippers: Catfolk, Rangers, Hunters

Cleric Alignments: NG NN NE
Domains: Animal, Plant, Luck, Travel, Strength
Favoured Weapons:Javelin

Felis the god of Catfolk and hunting. He was a ranger in his former life and enjoyed tracking down big game and bringing fame to his tribe for having the most skilled hunters. Was one of the 3 heroes (who also later became deities) to defeat Tiamat. Lives on the Plane Savana where there are many great areas to hunt game.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Breaking news redshirt survives London MCM Expo ... Barely

Yes the Red Shirt did you survive the convention I had a brush with a sith lord but made it out in one piece.

But Yeah Waht Can I say my tiem at London ear was fantastic. Got to meet Paul cornell the Writer behind Captain Britain and MI13, Got to meet Dan Abnett and see a world 1st sneak peek of the Ultramarines movie SQUEE. By The Way Whoever had the bright Idea of having the damn drummers playing all day so no one could hear anythign going on in the theater where the stars were doing Q&A sessions should be shot and propt up o nthe emperors glorious pike.

Also bug up to the lass in the Captains outfit I took most of a morning trying to find you to get a pic once i scrounged the camera back off her. So yeah my 10 quid red shirt outfit did the job folks. I survived and won a few rounds of Magic. Should I classify the hangover as a death ... nahhhhh.
- Fen Over and Out

Friday, 28 May 2010

Im back ... 2 months later ...YEAH

1st off happy birthday to my loverly wife to be who is 22 today second hello world im back. I should apologise for not being around of late since March i have been busy busy busy. Weve moved house to a awesome place in littleport which im very happy with. I have been burning through work like no tomorrow but yeah now comes a weekend of London Expo awesomeness hope to see yo uall there and hear is a very undistunguashble solo audio rant to go with it.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lets talk AVP (also known as birthday weekend and me and the boyhs are ranting)

So here it is my 1st 30 minute audio rant with me and the guys.
I would have had this out sunday or even Friday of my bday weekend but when we were recording and i went to hit stop audacity crashed meaning I have had to restore it through 150 or so temp files. Oh and audacity does not have a auto recover function.

So here it is Fens audio rant starring: Me Fen

In this rant we mostly talk abiut the new game Alien versus Predator as well as.
  • Dawn of War 2
  • Nomis
  • I phones
  • PS3 blackouts
  • Fanboyism
  • Iron Kingdoms
And many more.
Warning Spoilers in this audio rat (or semi spoilers in Zozhs case)
Enjoy Fen


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Whats going on after thj witchfire Campaign (also titled OMFG I FORGOT TO )UPDATE WEEKS AGO)

Ok so i  was meant to update this weeks back but im a very busy man so I apologise. This audio rant / voice blog / whatever is basicaly talking abvout what i have been after the Wtichfire Trillogy what is not alot since i have kinda been hella busy with work and other things. But anway to make up for things i am also going to be posting the last session as a live play (that my players didn't know  i was recording muahahaha). So until then enjoy my voice later.


Oh yeah here is the link

Monday, 1 February 2010

The Witchfire Trilogy the conclusion

This audio rant contains spoilers you have been warned download the witchfire grand conclusion.

Download here

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Witchfire legion of lost souls run throughj part 1 *WARNING SPOILERS*

So Yeah i got bored terying to write up 2 months of gamming sessions in one go so i did this instead. I ranted over my microphone. I am also joined by al and Dave near the end. Enjoy

You can download the audio rant from here.
Download witchfire lols recap part 1.mp3 from

Thursday, 14 January 2010

ahh new year and same bull****

2010 is here 2 years away from a apocalypse and perhaps by then I will have a full write up of the witchfire trilogy game I ran just maybe. So what's new in the world?
Well 1st off Warmachine MK2 is out so get a copy I know I need to but one has no money. Star Trek online is now in the open beta phase. Its a good game just there seem to be a few errors in the open beta compared to closed beta. Overall though the game is fun and entertaining ... just go pre-order the damn game.
Work has quietened down again thank Morrow. I am now fitting in roughly 40 hours into 4 days of work so fun times.
Oh yeah and next week the campaign begins again one year after the events of the Witchfire Trilogy.

I gave the players plenty of rewards cause well im nice. These rewards included things they would find useful. For example the Sorcerer just levelled into Warcaster so as a rewards she got her 1st steamjack.

Light steamjack
height/weight: 7'6"/5 tons
armourment: pneumaticaly powered fists
Initial Service Date:
Hit Dice: 5
hit points: 57 (27+30)
base initiative: -4
Speed: 15 ft
AC: 22
bab: +3
mab: +11
rab: 0
base attack damage: 1d6+8
space/reach: 10ft
Saving throws: ref: -2, will: 0
abillities: 26 str (+8), 5 DEX (-3)
cortex: 4 INT, 11 WIS
build DC: 21
Construction time: 6 weeks + 1 day
Price: 28,000
Special attacks: N/A
Special Qualities: Slow (Ex)
                   Furnace Vulnerability (Ex)

                   Reliance on Fuel

                   damage reduction:5/serricsteel
Challenge Rating: 4

The idea is it was developed by her mentor and given to her as a training aid.

Others are getting other items. Scarlet kylies fighter gets her tavern shes always wanted.
So lets leave it at that for now folks till later toodles.