Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Of gods and men

Hey folks well I gotta say im failing at blogging huh. My audio blogs are mia till i can find a new host and yeah. But non the less I have come to inform you good mortals that I am still alive and working on stuff.

So a few months back we started a new D&D non IK game entitled a land of high adventure(soon to be named the new age).
This was a all day trial run of using sanity in old 3.5 d20 and to test out what I had so far for concepts Orcs with honour stumped my players.
But yeah Currently i am building upon the campaign. The plan is to change round alot of things. 1st of Which is the Patheons.

I Have Decided some time ago there was a god war. The Mysterious over pantheon helped Mortals upon the physical plane gain god hood and slowly they grew in power until they came into conflict with the old gods. The old Gods are now dead, in hiding, exiled to the mortal plane or imprisoned.

SO now the new Gods rule over the mortal plane and the inhabitants have adapted to this regime change. infact under the new gods alot of advancement has begun. New technologies, ideas, etc.

But For now lets look at the new players.

Baadish - New Orc God
Greater Deity
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshippers: Orcs, warriors
Cleric Alignments: LG
Domains: Good, War, Law, Strength
Favoured Weapons: Great sword

 Baadish was a Orc revolutionary who carved out a Orc kingdom and helped Drachenstien and Felis Slay Tiamat. Fought and defeated Gruumsh and imprisoned him deep within the earth.
He is opposed to Azeroth. When they were still Mortals Azeroth and Baadish were oppossed to each other as Azeroth viewed non humans as lower forms of life and had no problems exterminating there kind. The 2 gods still are set against each otheras Azeroths ideals are carried on by his worshippers.

FELIS - God of the Hunt and Catfolk

Intermediate Deity 
Symbol:Cats Paw
Home Plane: Savana
Alignment: Neutral
Worshippers: Catfolk, Rangers, Hunters

Cleric Alignments: NG NN NE
Domains: Animal, Plant, Luck, Travel, Strength
Favoured Weapons:Javelin

Felis the god of Catfolk and hunting. He was a ranger in his former life and enjoyed tracking down big game and bringing fame to his tribe for having the most skilled hunters. Was one of the 3 heroes (who also later became deities) to defeat Tiamat. Lives on the Plane Savana where there are many great areas to hunt game.

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