Thursday, 27 March 2014


Greetings geeks hows it going Fen here back after ankther long hiatus.
Where have I been you ask and all I can say is im a daddy. Thats right 11months ago my son was born and boy have I been busy. So I havent had much chance to do alot of things I hsed to do. So why reboot the blog after so long you ask, simple my good people I wish to get back to doing the things I love. Blogging is something I can easily get on with easily.

When it comes to being a dad you find time is limited specially when I spend half ky free time looking after the lil man solo because tbe missus is working again aswell. In doing so ive had to have a clean out of stuff I aint vonna use no more eg my 9k point space marine army. But getging rid of those items frees me up to focus on other interests.
During my break from blogging I tried my hand at doing a lets play series on youtube starting doing a minecraft let's play with my wife and then moving o  to Kerbal space program. I didn't get far due to its easy to hit record but time consuming to do editing. I want to give this another shot as I enjoyed what I did and I have some ideas on what I want to record.

I badly want to get back into playing warmachine and hordes as hell that gane is fun. But this requires the ability to go out to a store or club and find a opponent, which as described earlier is tough because of work and family commitments.

Now how bout rpgs can I get back to playing me some pnp rpg. Possibly if im lucky. It will be difficult to put together a game on a weekly basis but a monthly basis I could probably do one session a month. I doubt I would be able to get into a gaming group as a player easily due to committing to a weekly gaming session. Another possible probelm is assembling a group of player's in person due to people movi g around my usual group has dispersed to the four winds. The best option would be to assemble a gaming group online using skype and roll20 virtual game table.
With that decided  I need to decide what to run.
Well more on that next time folks until then have fun and be safe.