Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Urrgh Why do people over react

You know I was having a really REALLY good day today. ALmost finished the paint job on my Sprigan and I finished a pretty damn good paint job on Father Dumas (well considering my standards it was an amazing job).

But none the less Mr X has had a few games with us now in the World of the Iron Kingdoms and miss Y has sat in on a session. Now I do have a thing about people sitting in on a gaming session. Im ok with there 1st time but after that they want to come back they gotta play. You see I learnt along time ago that Roleplaying games are a participation sport as it where. To watch a few people play them around a table is dull and you dont learn alot. However if you join in make a character etc you will find it more enjoyable and will have more fun. Even if your nervous or not to sure on what to do the folks at your table will help thee.

So yeah come to my table watch once but then you wanna come again you come to play.

Honestly I dont think I need to explain these reasonings to people but if they want me to sure why not but at the end of the day im the guy running the game. I am theo ne who invites you to play dont like it go play your MMO RPGs or whatver not my problem.

So I sent a messae to Mr X today sayign that this weeks session Players only. This evning Miss Y gave me a Earful saying that I was imature a coward etc. Now Instant Messages are hard to convey emotion over but from what I got the gist of she was demanding that I let her sit in on the session. Here is a reson why.

When Miss Y gets home she is on Skype where she will spend every evning on skype with Mr X cause Mr X is always in a game on his compy ok fine but here is the thing as far as I can gather he cant be spared from skype to come into our call to particiapte in the game, jsut for the night you know from 5/6pm to 11 pm. So yeah I get told that if she cant talk to him on skype Mr x going to play either.

Whelp you know what fine because I got a few thigns to say about that. As my previous rant (i love rant) talks about in the extra logn session that we had a break in she had been listening in she had asked question. Thats fine bad side she was commenting on thignsh appenign in the game and shes not playing. Woah time how can you comment onm whats happening if your not playing. Telling other players whatfore etc no should have booted you fro mthe convo right there but wasnt party leader of the convo so couldnt. Also herse a news flash I had a chat with my OTHER players you know the other 3 asked em about Miss Y they were kidna annoyed of her being there one not knowing her just wanted to stay ou of it. So yeah even without my rule on spectators why would i let you back in.

Ok so i didnt tel lher about the otherscause I did not want my players to get her fiery wrath. I protect my players like my pwn kin. also she was blowing the whole thing out of proportion. Yeah your not invited to siti n on the game so big whoop.

So yeah im been given the guilt trip by the way dosent washall the talk about me being immature and acting as if i was in a school ground by not inviting her. There was talk about me being stuborn and a douche. Stuborn yes Douche no not really. I think i fell asleep half way through the conversation.

And herse the one what got me rhild I got accused me of and I quote
"Why dont you be more considerate of couples in the game"


Ok 1. She has not I repeat although being invited has NOT participated in the game yet specatting is not participating as i said this is not a spectator sport.
2. any one who read this blog can testify that I have a girlfriend who funnily enough I game with. My beloved Kylie has been doing pen and paper rpgs for about half a year now.

I persuaded her helped her create a character. I then brought her alogn to a D&D session at unui where she sat in on the game had fun and everyone was helpful enough to help her out including Sam the awesome Paladin man.

Yeah my girlfriend is a true hardcore gamer so dont tell me I should be more considerate of couples in the game last I checked I am.

So yeah Mr X then called me imature said he wouldnt be able to ppaly after that time. To be honest I like Mr X hes a good lad and a good friend. But im not going o try and stand between a couple and force him so hey he can do what he wants. But if hes goign to cut and ru nhalf way through the night hes not gonan bee i nthe group friday.

So yeah he did try to persuade me to use the chatlog in glitter comm to allow him to communicate with the party. How he wont be on skype to heart us and im not making anyone swtich over to another communicatio ntype half way through. Second with dice rolls that chat log wil lget full.
Third I am not always lookign at the screen ive got the Ik SRD up any extra stuf on my pc like notes im also lookign through the books for info I need. I cant keep lookign at the chat box half the time to see what people are saying thats what makes voice chat better.

Another reason I prefer voice chat easier to convey emotions and you know more instantanious than text (better to interupt the big bad guy as hes giving the 20 minute speech). So yeah im not budging on this.

So as the paladin departs into the mist on a good note a new characer emerges after him our clint eastwood esc gunmage yeah Welcome Sam. Next fun thing im gonan try adn dj and dm this will be insance but oddly fun :D

Right thansk for listening to me rant as always mr Fen.

Grind the new Bloodbowl and Doug Seacat is Number 1 hear our pleas Doug

For all you kiddies out there who love Warmachien but havent been lookign at the Privateer Press website, you migth want to go over there now. Not just to see shinny new pictures of the Retribution By the way theyve Shown two new units today. The House Sheeyl Magister These guys sound like they hav jedi gauntlets allowing them to flip and throw there enemies round the war zone.
The Souless Escort who they seem to use as a energy absorbing device. I like this idea it shows that the elves dont really care for there souless babies and would rather use them in the most inhumane ways.

But anyway im Digresing.

Grind is to be released as a official board game. If you dont know What Grind is essentialy its a sports game where you pit warjack against warjack as they charge up and down there respective sides of the pitch rolling a giant metal ball to the other pesrons goal.

Grind was 1st released in No Quater Issue 10 as a mini game to Warmachine. WIth this version of grind I dont knwo if the rules will be different to Warmachine what I do know from the press release its a all plastic kit box set. The jacks come with multiple interchangebale parts for full customisation. You also get the game pitch the ball and the classic grind 2 spiked cylindery things. This looks like a fun game and I am assuming from the box art that the box will feature Cygnar and Khador although that is just me speculating here.

Also if you read the Iron Kingdoms RPG boards on the Privateer Press boards you will have noticed Doug Seacat the man who does the fiction and fluff for Warmachine Posted a wealth of information in a post about one of the minor human subcultres the Sinari. In which he ocmments he has alot more information sotred on his HArddrive like this. I for one woudl like to see alot more of what Doug has hiding on his hard drive and so would alot of people. Head on over to the Privateer Press forums in the IK RPG boards youl lfind a post where were just petitioning Doug to put more on the boards or some where on the site. Why were doing this is because Privateer Press decided not to go 4th Edition (which my humble opinion is a good Idea) and stayed in 3.5 means there are no mroe Iron Kingdom RPG books being relased at the moment and anythign made for

THE 3.5 IK RPG is essentialy as far as we can tell stored on Dougs harddrive. So we are emploring Doug and Privateeer Please Please im on ym knees Please relase this information to us. It will help us roleplayers imensly as it will keep thje Iron Kingdoms RPG scene alive ... until your acctualy release a new IK RPG ... possibly with your own rules. So please guys let us have the good evn if its jsut as more RPG segments in No Quater.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mage huntery goodness

Now everyone who has ever read any of the fluff regarding Eiryss or the mage hunters and the retribution of Scyrah from the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide Knows that the new soon to be released Warmachine faction. Also known as the retribution of Schyrah would be feilding mage hunters. Now I figured youd get a lesser Solo version of Eiryss. I stand corrected and because of it I have a huge Nerd on.


Thats right a whole Bloody unit of Mage Hunters. They have a field allowence of 2 pers warcaster whoopie. And whats more they have a commander attachment of which you can have one per warcaster. Expect your warcasters to cry themselves to sleep come September the Retribution be comming.

For more infomation on the Retribution if you have no clue what warmachine and Hordes or the iron kingdoms is go to Privateer Press' homepage to see what your missing and rember to pick up soem retribution in September.

Monday, 29 June 2009


Ok if you dont like anime go do something what means you are not reading my blog.
If you dont like spoilers put on the im not listening hat.
If you dont like pie go away because your stupid.


You have been warned.

Me and kylie went and saw Blood the last Vampire today. We are BOTH big fans of the anime.
So we went and saw the new motion pictures with high hopes.

I can safely say after watching that movie I would rather bang my head against a solid titanium wall for a solid two hours. In doing so I would hopefully forget how bad the movie was then id go see the movie again and repeat the process until i was a retard then I would probaly continue to bash my head against the wall because of this film because even a retarded deaf and blind person could see this film was SHITE!!!

So yeah the movie starts with the classic spalsh screen with text scrolling up talking about demons and a warrior who thousdans of years ago fought them, blah blah blah. Ok so by the time this small speech was done I was already realising ... wait this isnt the Blood I remember. N0w before anyone linches me for going on about how this film isnt exactly the same as the anime. I didnt expect that at all for one thing the anime is a 30 minute short movie.

ont expect remakes to be the same i expect them to be interpirasted in a way what makes it enjoyable to watch and retains the core idea of the original.

So yeah we get to see our heroine in the classic subway scene you see at the begining of the original. Que man being slain. Noooooo hes going to fight back in a very lame way snore.

So yeah we get to the secret shadowy orginisation who follows our heroine around. Why there ae 2 twins working as cleanup men ill never know. Then we get to her 2 contacts in the spooky mysterious orginisation. Oldman is like the old man from the original but the other younger one is alot more cocky and well mroe of a arsehole but more on him later.

So the film goes on to the school scene and wow were for the moment not with saiya our heroine noe. We are now going to introduced to a new character this young lady is the daughter of the General of the Us army base which vampires are infesting. So yeah she annoyed me.

SO we get to saiya in the school hear two girls talk rudely about there new japanese class mate etc etc.

Skip to another scene where apparently this army base has a kendo class run by an american instructor whos a vampire. He then leaves the Generals daughter i nthe gym with the two annoying girls from earlier who pull out a pair of katanas and start to taunt the generals daughter not killing her outright as any smart person shoud.

By the way we now find out these girls are acctualy vampires.

So yeah saiya comesi n saversher butt she sees one of the girls be decapitated comes back with gweneral esc daddy to find the cleaner twins about to drive off and are detained. Enter saiyas contacts fro mthe mysteriousa shaow orignisation we shall now cal lthem group X we find ouit the oyunger one is more of a cocky arse than usual. SO they cover everythign up the general belives there cover story asnd off they go to get a bolockig from there superior of group X.

The generals daughter goes out to investigate her kendo instructor who goes to a little bar in town. She follows has a chat with him. Tuirns out the wholep lace is a vampire nest. Next ensues generrals daughter rtunnign away. They bumop into saiya now begins a overly long drawn out fight scene. In which by this time id finnished my Fanta frozen and was now begining to get quite bored.

SO yeah by the end of this entire sequence the kendo master trys to escape by catchign a ride on a Hercules carrier but is hacked down and thats the last of the acctual scenes from the originaql blood. Now things go from shite to extreme shitness.

The oyunger chap from Group X kills the Genertal for poking his noise where it does not concern. The gegnerals daughter sees him do this beats him sensless goes runnign back to saiya. who at the time is drinking blood. SHOCK HORROR.

yeah group X truies to kill the girl there the old man from group X after dropping off saiyas blood then comes back to find saiya and the generals daughter cornered by young agent of group X who kills the old man then Saiya kills the young one ok there dead big whoop. THe two girls escape in a treuck in which half way out of town the gnerals duaghter realises saiyas been shot. Gee what gave the game away her raggedy arse corpse swaying in the wind.

SO yeah they find a place to rest and somehow the generals daughter knows that saiya is a vampire and gives her some of her blood. How she knows this I dont know cause as far as I could tell since they met has saiya mentioned to her once about what she is.

SO yeah from here we get a intro into this directors idea of saiytas past. I got even more bored at this time. Until Kato her gaurdian in the flashback fights the ninjas cause kato was awesome in the classic yes strab mer several times I will not go down until saiyas doen a wesome move and maimed the last of you.

I fell more alseep as we got near to the end the fights boredm e the revelation that the queen of the vampires known as onigen was saiyas mother WOW did not see that one comming in a million years.

Ok so thats the movie it sucked dont see it or ill kill a puppy every time i hear someone has. I already killed 25 just becausae of that movie. ITS AWFUL DONT SEE IT.

ALso busses need air conditioning see Kylies blog to find out why.