Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Mage huntery goodness

Now everyone who has ever read any of the fluff regarding Eiryss or the mage hunters and the retribution of Scyrah from the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide Knows that the new soon to be released Warmachine faction. Also known as the retribution of Schyrah would be feilding mage hunters. Now I figured youd get a lesser Solo version of Eiryss. I stand corrected and because of it I have a huge Nerd on.


Thats right a whole Bloody unit of Mage Hunters. They have a field allowence of 2 pers warcaster whoopie. And whats more they have a commander attachment of which you can have one per warcaster. Expect your warcasters to cry themselves to sleep come September the Retribution be comming.

For more infomation on the Retribution if you have no clue what warmachine and Hordes or the iron kingdoms is go to Privateer Press' homepage to see what your missing and rember to pick up soem retribution in September.

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