Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Grind the new Bloodbowl and Doug Seacat is Number 1 hear our pleas Doug

For all you kiddies out there who love Warmachien but havent been lookign at the Privateer Press website, you migth want to go over there now. Not just to see shinny new pictures of the Retribution By the way theyve Shown two new units today. The House Sheeyl Magister These guys sound like they hav jedi gauntlets allowing them to flip and throw there enemies round the war zone.
The Souless Escort who they seem to use as a energy absorbing device. I like this idea it shows that the elves dont really care for there souless babies and would rather use them in the most inhumane ways.

But anyway im Digresing.

Grind is to be released as a official board game. If you dont know What Grind is essentialy its a sports game where you pit warjack against warjack as they charge up and down there respective sides of the pitch rolling a giant metal ball to the other pesrons goal.

Grind was 1st released in No Quater Issue 10 as a mini game to Warmachine. WIth this version of grind I dont knwo if the rules will be different to Warmachine what I do know from the press release its a all plastic kit box set. The jacks come with multiple interchangebale parts for full customisation. You also get the game pitch the ball and the classic grind 2 spiked cylindery things. This looks like a fun game and I am assuming from the box art that the box will feature Cygnar and Khador although that is just me speculating here.

Also if you read the Iron Kingdoms RPG boards on the Privateer Press boards you will have noticed Doug Seacat the man who does the fiction and fluff for Warmachine Posted a wealth of information in a post about one of the minor human subcultres the Sinari. In which he ocmments he has alot more information sotred on his HArddrive like this. I for one woudl like to see alot more of what Doug has hiding on his hard drive and so would alot of people. Head on over to the Privateer Press forums in the IK RPG boards youl lfind a post where were just petitioning Doug to put more on the boards or some where on the site. Why were doing this is because Privateer Press decided not to go 4th Edition (which my humble opinion is a good Idea) and stayed in 3.5 means there are no mroe Iron Kingdom RPG books being relased at the moment and anythign made for

THE 3.5 IK RPG is essentialy as far as we can tell stored on Dougs harddrive. So we are emploring Doug and Privateeer Please Please im on ym knees Please relase this information to us. It will help us roleplayers imensly as it will keep thje Iron Kingdoms RPG scene alive ... until your acctualy release a new IK RPG ... possibly with your own rules. So please guys let us have the good evn if its jsut as more RPG segments in No Quater.

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