Friday, 10 July 2009

It went well

Before We begin this little uhh rant will talk about events that Happen in the Longest night (part one of the witch fire trilogy) So you know this is spoiler time so you have been warned.

ok you have been warned.

Just as I thought we would finnish the longest night ... yeah it has slipped from our slippy grasp ... as you see i lost track of time and we well as the longest night began we had to say goodnight. But you know I enjoyed runnign this session
Mr X and Miss Y unfotunatly did not show for reasons. but ok So we got on with it you know the other 4 were here whoopie.
So yeah we got through Fort Rhyker as our paladin walked off our clint eastwood gun mage shwoed up. And in there 1st encounter suffered a new hosue rule of mine. Limb loss. Now you see the Iron Kingdoms has this great section on prospheticlimbs. Problem is therse not really any rules for losing limbsin D&D so I made some up.

Essentialy it works like this. If criticaled by a foe and does enough damage to leave you with 2 HP or lower, the player has a 15 % chance of losing a limb which is determined by the roll of a d4
  1. Left Arm
  2. Right Arm
  3. right Leg
  4. Left Leg

As such ouchies.

A player can try and attack al imb without criticaling and this will incur a -6 penakty to hit the limb of choice. If hits there is once more there is a 15% chance that limb is lost. If you critical whilst attempting to hack off al imb the chance of success is taken to 25%.

Any weapon held in the afore mentioned hand is dropped.

This can only be preformed ith a slashing weapon.

So yeah 1st encounter our newbie gunmage has he goes to open a door as he does the thrall warriors open the door commign out to see what the commotion is (someone used the dumb waiter >.<). So yeah 1st round sekelotn equiped with a great axe Criticals confirms Percent Cleared and swossh no n gun arm gone .... oh dear. So after that we had a armless gunmage badly woudned wanderign around. It was fu neveryone enjoyed that I think it added a bit of the of balls this may be a problem factor. Although un the Acane Mechaniks case it was along thel ines of:

"So When Can I make mechnika limbs again?"

I am enjoying our Arcane Mechanik he is most delightful.

So yeah they get through the fort with Minimal fuss. I sped up the fort a bit and they arrived in the court yard to find you know alot of Undead standing at attention. This is not good for them. so they go over to the big stained glass window and see Alexia and her undead Coven well building the thrall army. Now this is hwere my party supprised me.

Instead of doign the classic party so yeah lets try and blow em all up NOW the Arcane mechanik finnishes perring in the windopw turns to party realys information and jsut says.

"So Whos up for running the *BEEP* away?"

a unaimous show of hands goes up from the crowd and they leg it before they are noticed and on the way out blew up the drawbridge and you know then they hear hundreds of clankign armoury sounds and instead of stoping and watching the undead army and alexia from the other side and you know no wity banter they legged it jumped on nthere horses and bolted.

They tell helstrom and its off for some r&R whilst they await the enemy. Rest up recover from wound buy more toys etc. And then we began with the 4 thralls through the mist and by the end of it everyone wondering where the hell did they coem from. They expected a attack from the gates not from the inside. Instinctevly they think ahh somethigns gone horribly wrong at the gates best go check it out. and we neded there.

So all in all its been a good ngiht and the end of the Longest Night is almost here will Alexia finnaly get what she wants who knows.

Also they know the inquisitons are about and possibly after them. I also gave them a gistory check into Vinters reign a little. Why because I think Everyone in the Iron Kingdoms should Know that VINTER RAELTHRONE is #1. I am a big vinter loyalist what can I say.

So yeah afterwards helped the guys pick some new minis out of the iron Kingdoms range showed em the Iron Kingdoms etc and generaly got soem feedback. Thumbs up all round whoop. Now to just get this over and done with so we can move on to part two.

Cant wait to see what these new palyers wil lbe like.

anyways I just got out of a mettign with some friends about somethign secretive and Kylies upstairs awating me so I shall bid you all Good night.

things can only go up from here ... im serious I dont think im going to rant today.

Honest to god I got like nothing to rant about. I mean it. Tonight I shall host my 1st of many sessions in person ... AGAIN.


I now get thursdays and Fridays as regular Days off ... WHOPEE.

D&D every week. WHOPEE

Paladin came and aksed to be let in after reading this blog apparently he had al il chat with miss Y and has promissed to keep her on a leash shes on prohbation with the group ie if they dont enjoy her being on the table shes out so to speak.

I apparently have 2 other people who want to join. WHOOPEE!

never met them .... uh yay?

So yeah tonight will be good I hope I will post later for the pre game rant.

Oh yeah tonight we should finnish the longest night aka part 1 of the witchfire trilogy.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Im having a good day

I really am nothing bad has happened yet. I am feeling splendid works ... ok. My Ik group will be meeting at my place this friday for once minus mr paladin im affraid to say. Kai is unfortunatly going to be late for the session possbily but we will see.
Ivw handed over my D&D 4th Ed Players handbooks to my cousin for the moment as I have no use for them as you will know if youve read my blog me and 4th dont mix. I feel however his friends who are of a much younger generation will enjoy the new system more. We shall see.

Anyway he loaned me i nreturn a few animes I hadnt watched yet one was a box set he wanted to sell he handt really liked it. My cousin can have his fiver I LOVE this show Otogi Zoshi is amazing you need to go watch it now!!!

But yeah thats what i been doing all week im happy.

There is not one thing im not happy about. Black cat bases where is MY PACKAGE!!!
Yeah I ordered some modren day street bases for my infinity minatures and a prirate for kylie for dnd which mua will be painting. Another minature for me to use as a practice mini but I ordered them Friday its now 1 am on Saturday stil no sign.
But hye thats not all that bad the bases only cost me 4 pound for a pack of 12 and the pirate was only £1.50 so a good deal in all.
I cant find my arcane machanik. Ever since I moved back from cambridge hes been mssing. This annoys me as his paint job was looking fantastic I had also made him a awesome base and now I may never see him again. Also cant find my Tau remora stealth drones I brought at Golden demon 08 jsut great.

But hye cant wait for Friday. The girlfriend wil larrvie we shall snuggle for a bit people will arrive and then we wil lgather roudn my table I shall pull out my pc and my dms matt and ... I need a DM outfit... I have a jedi robe ... that will do. We shall gather we shall introduce Maverick Gun MAge guy and we shall party litteraly. CCause I dont have to draw anymore flamign maps for glittercomm this week. WHOOP!!!

Yeah well be back to ranting next time folks also I suppose wel lget back to looking at the shinny retribution units.

Peace out folks

Sunday, 5 July 2009

more gold from Privateer Press

Privateer have released more images of some of the new units for the Retribution army As well as the usual command attachments theyve previeed the Arcanist there version of a mechanik and a sniper of all things.
The snipers fluff just shows how iscolated and secretive the elves are. They want no outsiders to get in AT ALL. Why because they dotn want no one to know there goddess is dying which they blame human magics and there arcane machines for.

Also the new Grind website is UP whoop plus a awesome 3-D trailer to go with it which i think is FANTASTIC

When I look at the image of what you get in the boxset with the coloured plastic units with interchangable equipemnt my Mind harks back to a board game made by Mb Games and Games workshop.
Yup thats right Old Geeks i am talking about that awesome board Game Space Crusade.

So anyways what we gettign for our money. answer is a awesome game board 2 pilars to act as obstacles the Grind ball a game board and 10 jacks 5 khadoran 5 cygnaran. Get this Khador are getting light jacks for this. is this a sign of the future for khador. Probaly not as this Warjack was made by another company for the express use of a demo project in this other companies new game development tool.

Any way that what I gots to say for now. Well except Thanks to PVP when me and kylie finnaly get a place together we will be gettign a kitten named Scratch Fury Destrioyer of Worlds ... Thanks PVP