Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Im having a good day

I really am nothing bad has happened yet. I am feeling splendid works ... ok. My Ik group will be meeting at my place this friday for once minus mr paladin im affraid to say. Kai is unfortunatly going to be late for the session possbily but we will see.
Ivw handed over my D&D 4th Ed Players handbooks to my cousin for the moment as I have no use for them as you will know if youve read my blog me and 4th dont mix. I feel however his friends who are of a much younger generation will enjoy the new system more. We shall see.

Anyway he loaned me i nreturn a few animes I hadnt watched yet one was a box set he wanted to sell he handt really liked it. My cousin can have his fiver I LOVE this show Otogi Zoshi is amazing you need to go watch it now!!!

But yeah thats what i been doing all week im happy.

There is not one thing im not happy about. Black cat bases where is MY PACKAGE!!!
Yeah I ordered some modren day street bases for my infinity minatures and a prirate for kylie for dnd which mua will be painting. Another minature for me to use as a practice mini but I ordered them Friday its now 1 am on Saturday stil no sign.
But hye thats not all that bad the bases only cost me 4 pound for a pack of 12 and the pirate was only £1.50 so a good deal in all.
I cant find my arcane machanik. Ever since I moved back from cambridge hes been mssing. This annoys me as his paint job was looking fantastic I had also made him a awesome base and now I may never see him again. Also cant find my Tau remora stealth drones I brought at Golden demon 08 jsut great.

But hye cant wait for Friday. The girlfriend wil larrvie we shall snuggle for a bit people will arrive and then we wil lgather roudn my table I shall pull out my pc and my dms matt and ... I need a DM outfit... I have a jedi robe ... that will do. We shall gather we shall introduce Maverick Gun MAge guy and we shall party litteraly. CCause I dont have to draw anymore flamign maps for glittercomm this week. WHOOP!!!

Yeah well be back to ranting next time folks also I suppose wel lget back to looking at the shinny retribution units.

Peace out folks

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