Sunday, 5 July 2009

more gold from Privateer Press

Privateer have released more images of some of the new units for the Retribution army As well as the usual command attachments theyve previeed the Arcanist there version of a mechanik and a sniper of all things.
The snipers fluff just shows how iscolated and secretive the elves are. They want no outsiders to get in AT ALL. Why because they dotn want no one to know there goddess is dying which they blame human magics and there arcane machines for.

Also the new Grind website is UP whoop plus a awesome 3-D trailer to go with it which i think is FANTASTIC

When I look at the image of what you get in the boxset with the coloured plastic units with interchangable equipemnt my Mind harks back to a board game made by Mb Games and Games workshop.
Yup thats right Old Geeks i am talking about that awesome board Game Space Crusade.

So anyways what we gettign for our money. answer is a awesome game board 2 pilars to act as obstacles the Grind ball a game board and 10 jacks 5 khadoran 5 cygnaran. Get this Khador are getting light jacks for this. is this a sign of the future for khador. Probaly not as this Warjack was made by another company for the express use of a demo project in this other companies new game development tool.

Any way that what I gots to say for now. Well except Thanks to PVP when me and kylie finnaly get a place together we will be gettign a kitten named Scratch Fury Destrioyer of Worlds ... Thanks PVP

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