Friday, 10 July 2009

things can only go up from here ... im serious I dont think im going to rant today.

Honest to god I got like nothing to rant about. I mean it. Tonight I shall host my 1st of many sessions in person ... AGAIN.


I now get thursdays and Fridays as regular Days off ... WHOPEE.

D&D every week. WHOPEE

Paladin came and aksed to be let in after reading this blog apparently he had al il chat with miss Y and has promissed to keep her on a leash shes on prohbation with the group ie if they dont enjoy her being on the table shes out so to speak.

I apparently have 2 other people who want to join. WHOOPEE!

never met them .... uh yay?

So yeah tonight will be good I hope I will post later for the pre game rant.

Oh yeah tonight we should finnish the longest night aka part 1 of the witchfire trilogy.

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