Saturday, 21 November 2009

The Red Warmachine statistics part 2

Continuing in my feature on my ideas for Unit conversions (albeit later than I hoped) so now we have the Assault Kommandos. The Assault Kommandos are a fun unit however I have found there carbine is annoyign weapon to stat up. Its stated it has a Grenade launcher atached to it thats no problem however then the gunblade on the bottom is a pain as rifles in the IK rules aren't really meant to be gunblades however I made an exception for the Carbine.

So anyways without Further Ado here are the Assault Kommandos stats.

Race: Human (khardic)
Level: Fighter 6
Hit points: 6D10+12
Initiative: +6
Speed: 20Ft
BAB: +6/+1
Saves: FORT: 7 REF: 4 WILL: 2
Abilities: STR 16 DEX 14 CON 14 WIS 10 INT 10 CHA 10
Skills: Craft (small arms) +5, Intimidate +3, Jump +3, Move Silently +3, Hide +3, Survival +4
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Small Arms), Tower Shield Proficiency, Improved Shield Bash, Rifleman, Weapon focus (rifle), Point Blank Shot, Run, Shield Wall, Improved Initiative
Equipment: Spiked Tower Shield, Assault Kommandos Carbine, Assault Kommandos armour, Assault Kommandos gas mask, Smoke Grenades.
Assault Kommandos Carbine: same stats as a Normal Carbine (See Iron Kingdoms character Guide) but has a Grenade Launcher attached to the bottom. The Grenade Launcher needs a Craft Demolitions check of DC 10 to reload it. On top of that it has a blade attached to the weapon which has the same stats as a short sword and can be used in melee with a -2 penalty to hit.
Assault Kommandos Gas Mask: Is a combination of the Alchemists beard (Liber Mechanika) and the Mist peircer goggles (No Quater #20 page 53).
Assault Kommando armour is treated as a breastplate (see phb)

Thursday, 5 November 2009

looking forward to warmachine mk2

with a few months left I am getting really excited about Warmachine MK2. Not just the updated rules but also the releases what come with it. The basic heavy warjack's (the ones that featured in prime and prime remix) will be released as a single plastic kit with parts to make 4 variants. Yes all have a 4th variant which is brand new and I am looking forward to Khadors new variant the DECIMATOR!!!
This is a true Khadoran Warjack Sporting a chainsaw on one arm and a rifled cannon SWEET!!!
But that is not all these jacks have undergone a facelift. My beloved Khadoran jacks now have the same design as the Extreme Juggernaut which is mouth watering good.

Also with the latest version of Warmachine they are releasing faction books. The 1st to be released being Cygnar. This book will be the definitive guide to Cygnar holding unit rules, painting advice, information on the organisation of the Cygnaran military and much more.

So mk2 looks like it will be fun joy fen out

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The red warmachines statistics part 1

Hey folks fen here getting back on track with blogging I still have to write up a review of last game but that will be up in the next few days.
Today I bring you the 1st in a series of posts where im going to try and give my own thoughts on 3.5 representation of units from warmachine. Essentialy this is me giving them stats so I can use them in future games. This is not going to be me saying this is how they should be but my own thoughts and ideas, I will be defiantly staying away from characters like yuri and the great bears and warcasters. I feel giving named characters stats is a stupid idea as your players are more likely to try and kill them.
One last thing if I don't stat up certain units like iron fangs then they already have there stats in a no quarter somewhere.

Ok now lets get down to businesses 1st up is one of my favourite units in the red army known as Khador the Manhunter.

Name: Manhunter

Race: Human (Khardic)

Class: Ranger 9

HP: 77 (6d8+5)

AC: 17 (10+4+3)

Initiative: 8 (4+4)

Speed: 30ft





















Base attack Bonus: 9/4

Saves: Fort : 8 (6+2)
Will: 5 (3+2)
Ref: 10 (6+4)

Skills: Hide 12, Knowledge nature 8, knowledge tactics 3, knowledge geography 7, listen 12, Move Silently 12, search 12, spot 12, survival 12, climb 3, swim 3

Feats and abilities: Favoured enemy (human), track, Wild empathy, Favoured terrain (artic), Alertness, endurance, Woodland stride, evasion, favoured terrain (forest), weapon proficiency (simple, martial), armour proficiency (light , medium, shields), improved initiative, two weapon fighting, combat reflexes, stealthy, toughness, weapon focus battleaxe, weapon specialisation

Equipment: 2 battle axes (1d8+6, X3), Rations, hide armour

Initialy I was going to make them barbarians but then I went and re-read the manhunters backstory. These guys and gals are hunters who have taken up hunting the deadliest game ... MAN!!!
So I changed them to the Iron Kingdoms ranger variant. I then geared them towards being the mightiest hunters of Khador. there hide is at modest 18 (4 from DEX + 12 ranks in hide + 2 for stealthy) making them difficult to spot and with track, spot, listen and search maxed out they'll be difficult to shake. Manhunters are weapon masters so I gave them weapon focus and specialisation.
I made them 9th level as iron fangs are level 6 and as there a specially trained unit I thought manhunters should be a few levels higher. My thoughts for this were that manhunters as solos are capable of dispatching a unit of grunts like say trenchers. also it allowed me to give them there second bonus terrain. I chose artic and forests as that's what Khador has a lot of snow and trees.
If you want to lower or up the levels go ahead comments and criticism welcome.

And if anyone is intrested on my thoughts of yuri I would say11th/3rd level IK ranger with 1 or 2 levels of barbarian.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Dying of pig flu is a lark

Oh yes After I finnaly got off holiday last week I essentialy have been feelign like crap and Diagnosed with Swine Flu so this week ill mostly be sitting on my arse job hunting. thats right Pizza Hut im gonna leave you, leave you like a used tissues.

But anyway London Expo was Fantastic, met up with some old friends made some new ones and got engaged.

Yes Me and miss Kylie Smith have taken the plunge and decided to get married ... when we have the money ... in 2 years ... OH GOD HELP ME.

But anyway I got to have a good look at LEft for Dead 2 and Star Trek Online. I am now looking forward to STO after playign through the demo mission. Space combat is easy to play through as it feels Like playing Star Fleet Command and thee land based combat feels like I am playing City of Heroes.

Ok for the purchases. I managed to get a good hall of Gunpla.
  • 1/100 Regen Guel Gundam
  • 1/144 HG FA-78-3 Full Armour Gundam 7th
  • 1/100 RXR-44 Guntank
Now The Guntank is a really cool 1/100 because its a Gundam F-91 kit the Guntank is a TINY 1/100 scale kit in comparison to your average 1/100 Gundam. For example here is a picture of the Regen Duel with the Guntank. So awesome. my Shin Musha Gundam (once its finnished).
These two shall have pride of place next to my Ver Ka Ball and and My Shin Musha Gundam (once it is completed).
Me and Kylie also had a Chibis drawn of us to celebrate the day. Also thanks once more to Luchia for the Lovely bottle of wine she brought us as a Engagement present.

So yeah as we know it wouldnt be my blog without me having a good rant. this rant goes out to the organisers of the MCM London Expo. WHAT THE HELL was going on Saturday. Seriously Saturday was essentially chaos. Saturday was big I belive this year they had use of an extra hall the place was crammed it was hard to walk and get to stalls. But if the organisers knew this WHY THE CRAP did they not have a larger entrance or a second Entrance. Normally after your in you can go out and get back in a flash. This year nope the que to get back in (yes a que to get back in) was so huge it was going right down the food courts in the Excel centre Fortunately me and Kylie que jumped or we would have been waiting a long time. Also They changed the hand stamps to uv ones. We were all worried that we had rubbed em off. Thank Thamar that Sunday was quiet. Next day.

Right think thats where I shall leave thuis blog as I gotta bring you back up to speed on our IK campaign events. Later days folks.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Death in the Party

I figured I hsould start like that a awesome pic of Colbert. Would like to point out I demand more Colbert report on British TV and the Daily show. Those shows make my laugh so loud I defended the entire county with my sonic laughter.

So this week has been madness It was Columbus day monday and all the Americans from the bases came to my store what a afternoon and due to circumstances I was working still 2 hours after my shift ended.

but anyway to the D&D stuff.
There was a death last week.
Scarlett (our ranged fighter) and alain (our arcane maechanik)were sent to go take care of some mysterious goings on. Along with a group of hired muscle they found where the strange interlopers were hiding outside of town.
What they didnt know is that inside the hideout were a cryxian sorcerer, a satxyis sorcerer/fighter, a blighted trollkin barbarian and 12 mechanithralls.
They fought through the 1st wave but had to pull back after the second wave surprised them and taken out one of there companions. So they went back the next day and charged in head 1st the extra acompniment of Mercenaries jumping on the mechanithralls.
They 1st took on the blighted Trollkin who packed a punch but was no match for alain and Scarlet.
They managed to sneak into the room with the satyxis and the sorceress unfortunately Alain wasnt as good at hiding and was found hiding behind a rock and as a the satyxis set sights on him Scarlet sniped away from behind her rock. and after getting a few scratches from the satxyis she defeated and just the Sorceress left. She let out a HUGE fireball spell which took most of scarletts and alains health away. Scarlet managed to score a direct hit on the sorceress but not before Alain was struck by a ray spell and died and thus ends Alains travels as Scarlet pocketed his goods and left his corpse to rot.

Ah yes what a adventure up next though ... Well I cant decide either to do the umbral spiral or the legion of lost souls of well tommorow I shall make my decision.

Sunday, 27 September 2009


So im having a bad weekend as i sit here a 1 am and i gotta be up at 5 ish and at work at 8 till very late possibly even later like that Watching the Watchmen (oh yeah) and being pretty fuming. Mainly cause well one of the guys at work has not showed up for 2 whole days. Also known as the FREAKING WEEKEND, also known as OUR BUSIEST TIME!!!.

Had to do a damn close by myself on a Saturday and well now we dont know where he is so if he dont show up tomorrow I gotta do his close Saturday so that means no freaking D&D possibly maybe ... GAH!!!

But anyway ive now vented down to what happened. So after talking with mr Selly one night about what I should do with 3 of the our 6 players who were showing up that week (selly was one of the lads not showing up that week). and I was vbouncing off ideas and selly came up with why not split em up make em work hard. Uhh yeah that a tough thing to do but we gave it a whirl. So I set a great scene in Corivs under Lockdown in a nice quiet tavern when a sorceror being hutned down by the inquisitors and the watch burtst in all hell breaks loose 2 off the party are carted off to jail.
So our gun ho fighter and our gun mage are locked up and not really tryign to get out. Whilst The Arcane Mechanik has formulated a plan he just needs a way in.
And he found in his workshop along with his flamethrower. 2 Warjacks minus cortexes. And he jsut happened to stumble across a old one (need to work out how degraded it is). so Yeah off al goes with his Mule and essentially breaks intoo jail and rescues the guys plus a Arcane Tempest gun Mage.

Course I didnt make the escape easy hell al had a problem handling the jack with his low pointsi n Jack handling but he did ok.
And ofr fun I gave them one hell of a end fight them, there Mule vs Skorne warriors a pain giver and a titan. Yeah it was awesome. Unfortunately the skorne never really got in the game as the mules stray shot ripped them to shreds.
But a fun tie was had by al land now al isl ooking towards Warcaster as a end game resiult.

Also they were askign where they go after the witchfire i said about my idea of the merc company and they seem to like that idea. So were off to fight the Kahrds (probaly).

Right im off to bed night.

Friday, 25 September 2009

All hail privateerpress. Now the rest of you may enjoy The Iron Kingdoms

Thats Right 2 days Ago Privateer Press made this announcment.

Embark upon a journey into the realm of Full Metal Fantasy with the complete set of Iron Kingdom RPG source books, many of which have been out of print for over a year, now available in PDF for the first time. These highly sought after volumes contain detailed information on role playing in the unique setting of the Iron Kingdoms and provide a wealth of historical, cultural, and political information on the nations, peoples, and creatures that call Western Immoren home.

Perfect for WARMACHINE and HORDES players as well as RPG players with discerning tastes, the entire Iron Kingdom RPG line is available now from and including:

* Witchfire Trilogy Collected Edition
* Monsternomicon Vol.1: Denizens of the Iron Kingdoms
* Monsternomicon Vol.2: The Iron Kingdoms and Beyond
* Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, Full Metal Fantasy
* Iron Kingdoms World Guide, Full Metal Fantasy
* Liber Mechanika, Full Metal Fantasy
* Five Fingers: Port of Deceit, Full Metal Fantasy

Don’t miss out on this second chance to own the books that started it all. Head on over to DriveThruRPG or Paizo and complete your Iron Kingdom library today!
(original source at Privateer Press)

I know this has made alot of the IKRPG forum community happy as we can now get copies of some REALLY hard to find books. The PDF's are apparently REALLY well bookmarked so its easy to find that hard to fnd obscure bit of information what slows down your ENTIRE game.

One thing a few people on the Privateer Press Forums have been maoning about is the price. The PDF's are going for about $30 what works out as roughly £18. Now I say this is not a problem for me. Privateer press has to still pay people for there creative works i nthis book etc. Not to mention Im sure sales of these books will contribute to there own RPG system.

Oh did I forget to mention privateer have announced that there workign on a in house RPG system. YOu can find the information in there forums (thansk again Doug ^^).

So there we have it. If you want to try the Iron Kingdoms For yourself then Please go ahead and initialy Grab the WitchFire Trilogy thats a good place to start if yo uwant a new awesome Quest, it also has some basic information on items liek Firearms and such but dosent go into the full revamping on magic and magic items and classes (ranger) that The iron Kingdoms Character guide does.
If however you want to jump i nthe deep end liek I pretty much did pick up a Iron Kingdoms Character guide and a Monsternomicon. See hoow you like it then get the rest.

Also pelase dont Forget this is a Campaign Settign for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 so you need the 3.5 D&D core books, which can still be found floating out there if one knows hwere to look.

Welcome to the Iron Kingdoms role Play Like youve got a PAIR.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Recaps Of my Witchfire campaign.. also known as this ones been alogn time comming

SO hey its been a while since I've actually blogged. Really should try and keep this constant but then again I have just not found the time thanks to work, D&D and umm Champions Online. Yeah the games good no I'm not a life time member after Ayacon I couldn't afford to be. I got a discounted 6 months and the rest of the goodies.
But anyways were not here to talk Champions online .... yet, noo were here to talk about warmachine goodness really and that being my campaign.

So here we go what you've missed me talking about over the past 2 weeks.
Right so we left our adventurers deciding to skip the gatorman village and leave squint and his companions to there own fate (couple of points towards evil there).
So across the swamp land they went where they found dun dun dun Alexia's boat. inside they found the crew Alexia had Charmed into giving her a ride. And there big burly female Khadoran bodyguard who also was charmed and now tied up in the ship. Now what I mean by Khadoran bodyguard is welcome our new player Katie YAAAAY. She's playing our big Khadoran fighter with a big axe and monkey grip.

So with there new Khadoran ally they continue onwards into the Temple of Cyris. On arriving at the temple and upon hearing the Description of the temple of Cyris our Arcane Mekhanik starts to have an unhealthy fixation on the place which would make him the butt of the jokes for some time.
So charging in head long they encounter several groups of drones and Cyriss Clerics who lets face it are not pleased to see MORE intruders. They also find 2 men in cells. Thanks to quick spot checks they notice tatoos on their arms showing they belonged to the inqusition which involved them being shot to death in there cells by the party.
They picked up the flame thrower (although I never told em what it was) and then they got to the smelting room. They ran around with greandes in hand blowing clerics into the smelting pits and the crane was swinging around. And then kylies fighter scored the ultimate kill. How I put it after the crit roll she rolled away from the crane arm drew her rifle landed and proceeded to head shot the crane operater through the tinted window of the crane room. He bounced of the wall and proceeded to tumble out into the smelting vats.

So finaly after going up and down elevators they found the main room where alexia was. 1st up they took on the coven and did quite well als arcane mechanik managed to figure out that he had a flamethrower by traning it on the coven.
Once they were done all the party began to run towards alexia with the Gunmage preparing his precious quad iron and casting rune bullet on each seprate bullet (he had 4 turns to kill to get to alexia). SO before anyone else gets a turn including alexia the Gunmage who had highest Intiative essentialy CRITICALED Alexia with the Quad Iron. Essentialy he managed to deal enough damage to take take out alexia. SO she went flying into the pit and baboom the party has finnaly done what theyve been wanting to do since the Longest Night. KILL ALEXIA.
So the party pocket the Witchfire and get the FUCK out of there.

I decided to Skip Father Lucan or whatever he is the big spidery thing as that gamign session was comming to the end and the party wants out of the temple.
SO they got back to the boat found Squint and crew dead. So 1st thoughts for most of em was like ... awesome we got a boat. So The Arcane Mechanik gets the boat going on one paddle wheel.

So they get back to Corvis find out Vinters back the inqusitions runnign aorund the place and all swords are being confiscated. so they decide to park a li lfurther up rriver no where near corvis and try and find a back route in. They find a sewer entrance and go throug hthere and then find there way to a empty church where There ambushed by the Inquisitors and Helstrom. The party is liek Hell Helstrom has betrayed us and then he saves em and gets em to save Dumas which they do. Rember at this time I only had half the group with me and they stormed the place no problem left all the other prisoners to die bypassed the skorne torturer and then went and saved DUMAs and ran the hell Away. So I threw in a Skorne Warrior and a few guards for fun. Just so they knew hwat they were up against.
Also during this there Khardic fighter who had demanded she held onto the Witchfire had stayed on the boat and had found zombies romaing round it which she started to dispatch with no problem and almsot picked up the witchfire even though i waqs really hintign she didnt want to do that. To find out why go read the witchfire trilogy books the stats for that accursed sword are in there.

So i nthe end thats how it went Dumas was saved the sword was encased in stone and hidden in the Arcane mechaniks warehouse and now the party has free time. .... they also may have come into contact with a Skorne cyclops but eh you know.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Fen Tigers time at Ayacon

Hi there folks fen once again. Believe it or not this time I have taken time to write a blog (hopefully) completely free of spelling mistakes. So what’s this blog all about well here is the thing. This Blog is about ayacon a awesome convention held in the University of Warwick where I currently am typing this blog in one of there many dorms which are nice comfy and have on suite bathrooms. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

Now unfortunately I did not realise that I needed a Ethernet cable to get internet access (le epic fail) so the blog which will be posted Monday is being typed up as the weekend goes along.
So if my language sounds in the present tense when technically it should be in the past tense well you get the idea why.
So without further ado let’s get fens Ayacon review over and done with and yes there will be pictures.


Wow day one for me was a VERY early start why because Mr. Fen Tiger and Mr. Organi were taking a road trip to Warwick. SO I was up at 8 last minute packing and checks as one must do (check 100 times you have Id or you’re not getting in the con and damn everything else).
so I wait around for Mr. Organi and the Organi pwnage mobile to turn up this time is spent looking at internet trying to find some CD’s a friend of mine wanted to borrow and snuggling girlfriend who lied in bed beside me. I think I may have walked the dog fed the cats and cleaned up a little but that stuff is just boring.

SO it gets to 11AM and Mr. Organi stops outside gives me a bell and I load up the car with my epic gear of epic win....ness. AND OFF WE FLEW ... most of the time ever been down the A14 and M6 urrrrgh. But still all in all a good time (2 hours is great from Cambridge to Warwick) and we arrived at Organis missus house she was living in off loaded Organis crap and began the 20 minute bus journey to Warwick university. I should probably point out Organis lady lives in Coventry which as I just explained is 20 minutes bus ride from Warwick. So off we went oh boy you see this Friday was hot as1 Lucifer’s damned Holiday resort. I don’t think thee 9 hells is this hot either? So I’m sweltering and getting peeved with how the buses ONLY ONLY TAKE EXACT CHANGE ..... GRAGH!!!.

But yeah by about 3PM we are in the Con finally me and Organi go and Register for our con ID’s and I boo kinto my room which Organi shows me to. We also realised this was the 1st time in real life that Fen Tiger and Organi had joined forces as obviously we don’t use our aliases in the real world. Gotta say by the way all in all I wish I had enrolled at Warwick uni its essentially a campus come mini village because its so far out of the way. Its got a hairdressers, banks, food store. Genius. So on the way to me and Organi trying to find where i was laying down my head for the night we bumped into RYZY & LUNA YAY!!! So quickly promising we would be back as soon as I was changed into my cosplay we would meet up with them.

Now I wasn’t going to cosplay on the 1st day but I changed my mind within like the 1st 3 minutes of getting here. Yeah I so needed to don my Zaft uniform and go strut my stuff. This I kindan ow regret but more on that later.

SO off we go grab Luna to say hellos again then run off to meet Ray in the Su with friends tagging along haha bargain. This is where the fun began because you see Ayacon is a adult convention in other words no young ones. In other words the Su bar was serving grog. YES!!!
I was happy for this as I remember my friend Tygerrfang say to me after the hassle of getting to the con on a Friday that 1st was the best. I can assure it was the best Carling I ever had and I don’t even like Carling that much. So whilst we waited for the Opening Ceremony at 4 I had that Carling and then a Fosters. I would like to point out that till this point all I had had to eat was 2 packs of Mikado in the car, and I was sloshing down a Guiness oh dear. Now I know what asome of you “hardy” fellows might be saying that “Guiness is a meal in itself” Yeah well that meal don’t exactly absorb the Alcohol so after 2 quick pints I had begun my tipsy start to the con and it was time for the opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremony was good not Alot to talk about the guests were introduced the schedule was talked about. Laughs were had by all and lot of girls (and boys) screaming for the Yaoi panel (oh my).
After that we had a choice of what we could do Tea Ceremony or Name that tune. NAME THAT TUEN IT WAS!!!

Now as I do do a lil music playing on Coalition radio and my thing is Japanese music I figured this shouldn’t be too hard. Unfortunately uhhh yeah some of that stuff was before I was freaking well a Otaku. Also it may not have helped that i was now going through like another 3 bottles of Magners (oh noes) but I was now drinking sociably with 3=4 other lads who all had the same idea as me. Get sloshed hope the shame goes away. Team retard as we were known was a mix of Ryzy, Luna, Ray and his pal rob plus 3 guys we jumped on with and of course me. TO my delight I got at least 2 questions right. One being easy simple and clean from kingdom hearts and bubble gum crisis with Priss singing the track. The rest of the time me and the other indulged in some humorous photos and conversation between our new allies. We enjoyed the Pikachu ad Alfonse drinking pics thee most, also little known fact Pikachu pees cider).
In the end after a few dismal rounds and me being completely out of it we came 5th whoot .

Now what followed was some R&R where we met up with the Gundam Mad guys and dragged em up to the Su for mor booze. Well Booze for everyone else I was sobering up and needed a soft drink. So we had food a REALLY spicy prawn noodle soup mmmm. Now this was a spicy meal when I was drinking the soup the chilli was slowly slipping down the rim of the bowl (worrying that). Still fantastic though Then after we were done we realised that we only had 5 MINUTES until Momi Haruko (known as Halko) concert.

All i have to say is FANTASTIC. Now I had nto heard much from halko before but I loved it and now im going to be defiantly listening to more and more of her work after seeing her live. It was one of the most exciting and energetic concerts I had seen and phew was exhausted. It did not help my cosplay essentially is a heavy jacket which I did not need in that small hot venue. So before the party tomorrow I shall change into something a little less cosplay. But all in all by the end I enjoyed it and me Ray and Rob decided to retire for the night and that’s where we leave our story. With me losing my bearings in the dark to my accommodation. And coming in all hot and sweaty and needing to cool down. I am so hot I essentially have had to rip my eyelids apart as sweat has glued them together. Fortunately my cosplay does not smell so I can wear it again tomorrow (i brought 4 t-shirts the same colour), however my cosplay will need more repairs when I am home.

Tomorrow will be another long day as well. I think I’m starting my day with the Lolita cat walk maybe in the dealers’ hall. There is a lot to do over the next 2 days. Actually I could dealers hall THEN the catwalk EXCELENT. Course I got to cut the catwalk short as I have to run off to the anime Dub live where I, Ray, Ryzy and Rob are game to try our hands at dubbing. Then there be time for relaxation in the j-Pop lounge yays. Sunday im lookingforward to the Pheonix Wright Panel and also the Weapon and props building Seminar (might help with a few ideas I have .... AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!!!).

That is all for the 1st Day its Now 1Am meaning were now into ...


Ok whilst I am writing this lbog i am trying to sober uop. So any spelling errors are being cleaned up about Sunday / Monday. This is because I am pissed out fo my right mind YEEEEAH!!!. I have just come back from the J-pop party where I have made a complete tit of myself. Obviously because the only time I have been this pissed is when I went through lots and lots of mead. The beauty of that i wasn’t drinking from 9 to 12:45 in the morning on mead (oh gosd could you imagine that). At the moment I want to hurl but ill get passed that. Okj I just forcibly hurled mayt have to do more in a minute. Hey this has been a good day this is my blog just about raw and uncut.

So today started at 7:30 where I realised hey im up and the con dosent really start til l10 ... FUCK!!!
So my Saturday started by playing NWN 2 for like a hour (probily a bit more). I met up with ray for breakfast. Then onto waiting for the dealers hall where I was trounced in magic the Gathering.bu Ray twice.

Finnaly AT 10 am WE WERE I NTHE DEALERS HALL I may by the end of the day brought too many gunplay. ...WHOOOT!!! I got a MG shin Musha gundam (most expensive purchase all day), A Bucue hound, Ewac Zack, The operation jabraou set which features the AC Guy, The Gogg and Cahrs Z-gock. To also complete my collection I ended up buying the Zock MS meaning I had alot of aquatic Zeon Moible Suits Im missing atr least 2/3. Ones I can think of as im sobering up are the Hy-Gogg and the alternare Z-Gok. I would also like to thank Gunmdam Nataion (Even though Luna will kill me) for my Free Haro. Gundam Mad Gundam Nation You keep my addiction fed I than kyou both.

SO After we went to the dealers Hall we then spent at least 2 hours in the ANuime Du b live session. This is where I and Ray and Rob spent 2 hours having a bleeping blast. It was awesome. I ray and rob participated nthe If we ruled the world dubbing whichwas on the s;ot stuff which was fun. Then iut moved onto trtying to dub your own anime. I participated in the Yu Yu hakusho dubbing (which by the time I get backed should be linked to the youtube stuff in the side bar). Ray and rob did macros, bleachansd geki Gengar. That was a fun 2 hours. Afger that me and ray grabbed a quiock bite and headed back into the main hall for a Q&A session with Matt Maercer. I was recoring him as he was awesome but my camera died whislt recordinhg and the video was corrupted. Lets put it this way people you missed out there it was a awesome panel.

After that It was me and the guys chilling out oin the dealers hall making purchases. Now here is the beauty. Organ ihad been looking for Wing gundam kits all day and had foiund 0 yes a big fat NOTHING. 2 minuts back in the dealers hall I had found ¾ wing Zero kits. 3 at great prices. I found the 1/100 HG kit of Wing Zero and a awesome basic mini kit of Qing zero as Well which I then called selly and told hoim to get in the dealers room. He got in and after we found not wing Zero but the Endless waltz variant wing zero with silver parts instead of white (yes this crap was limited edition) he was happhy. He then realised he did not have enough mulaah to pay for it all. So DJ Fen bailed him out. YAAAY!!! I got paid and most of that has been spent on booze ( PS if I haven’t altered my Really bad spelling from before by noiw I am sobering up so haey).

Quick note as im writing this its 2:20 I retired at ... 12:45/12:55. After a long day of boozing (more ofthat to follow). Currently everyone is returning from the j-pop/J-rock and everything else parties and is making a lot of noise outside my dorms really annoying as I am sobering up now WHoooo. SO Ok where were we yeah I brought Organi his gunla what he has now FULLY paid me back for. I may go buy the other wing zero if it is still there.
Man people are probal more pissed than me. Anyway.

After al lthe rec and a bit to eat for tea we moved onto the Masquarde. This is how between shooting Video of the dub live session and taking lost of photos I started to erun out of room on my SD card. The masquerade was awesome I got as many Pictures as I could even goung as far as erasing last night pictures went. So Half way through Momoi Haruko comes on stage (What im posting to youtube). Was awesome as she sang and danced for us on the masquerade stage.
We al;s p gpt a [refpr,a

Nce during from the Taiko Drummers I think I signed o nfor that tommroow.. Ther masquerade was amazing any one who was in the masquatrde at this years Ayacon I salute you esspecialy the guys who did gone with the blastwaves you guys were awesome. (I enoyed meeting one of you at the bar thanks or letting me try on your helmet :D.

Adfterv thevmasquarade me and the l;ads headed off to the traditional gsmes room where we found alot of swag what must be won. The guys wenrnt fssed you win anything during the noight you pick a frelling prize. I m now gutted I lost the MTG tornamen. Ny the way I came 3rd in the ubber game I had well done ray who came 2nd. So tomorrow I will be trying to win EVERYTHING MUAHAHAHAHA!!!. But yea next time I so want to run a RPG game. On the Friday evnign maybe .... Sunday pprobaly better. Whilst here I have been a socialite drunkered. SO I left the games room prommissing that I would bring my spare MTG decks with me tomorrow at 10AM WHOO!!! For all to use. And I shall.

Now onto the evening after the magic game. Now I was on the way to the J-pop disco when Kylie my beautiful woman called me and said she had broken her ankle again. Now being with limited (and long ways) to get back to her ad this made me sed :( as I was now alone and vewyvewy worried. To make matters worse the J-Pop disco was empty til lte pub quiz finished. Hey I just made hot chocolate perfectly I think I am sobering up.Ok almost perfectly ferw splashes. Fortunately I met up with Gundam mad and luna and Ryzy and the consoled me. I then went with them to boogy at the J-pop partvewy worried. To make matters worse the J-Pop disco was empty til lte pub quiz finished. Hey I just made hot chocolate perfectly I think I am sobering up.Ok almost perfectly ferw splashes. Fortunately I met up with Gundam mad and luna and Ryzy and the consoled me. I then went with them to boogy at the J-pop part. I also want to popint I was hammered b the end and any pictures you might see of me are pre me swilling down pint after pint. Any embarrising/ awesome pics of me whilst partying plus boozing are non existent. HAHA.

So by the end og the night I have made a complete tit of myself (Sorry Ray ofor kissing you). Sorry to char for bowing and well prasing ypou not sorry to luna for the bendy off ( guess I will have to explain that one hiuh? But yeah good night was had by all. Its now 2:40 and there are raving drunk people outside my room as such we are now into AYACON ...

DAY 3:

2:45 I have sobered off and am off to bed night all.

7:50 I awake with no hangover. I/kylie called each other to see if she was ok. Fortunatly she didn’t break it ... phew. I am heading there on Monday.
Funnily enough I remember all of lastnight. The huge arsed conga line going through the hall, The excessive drinking of Fosters (they had no real ales *sad face*), The lil contest between me and Luna which began with who can do a bendy backy neo arch the best. Then Luna decided to do another position aka lay down and lift ones self up with hands and legs. Now little do people know but for a big man as I am (all 20 stones(ish)) I am quite supple. It was fun on the bun.
I gotta say if any are reading this blog fro mthe games room I hope you enjoyed the decks I am dropping off in a couple of minutes.
Now I need to start packing up my gear so I am ready for Monday morn (I have to be out at 9:30 eep).
Last day of cosplay. I am missing the Pheonix Wright Panel to go see the guys at the games room but then I gotta jump over to my panels I want to see Including Taiko drumming workshop and the armour and props building workshop.

So Now I begin day 3 by going to get FOOOOOOOOD!!! Once I get some trousers on ...

So today has been pretty good. After looking at my cash flow for the day Storm clouds hung over my head. Thank Morrow that i had taken money out for buses and train tomorrow. I did not take much photos today as I was bouncing between everything. But lets start back where I left off.

Now I have never EVER had a hangover in my pathetic 22 years on this mortal plain so I didn’t realise why i was feeling sooooo cruddy this morning was cause I had got to bed at 3 still pissed and woken up at 7 with my body still recovering. So the Apple juice I had been drinking all morning was not helping me at all GAHHH too rich. The breakfast idea was stupid. I ATE a tuna and cheese melt Panini the grease didn’t help much urrgh. So with my bottle of water (plan) I headed to the traditional games room to drop off the decks I promised to loan them and I waited for them to open. Which sure enough they did promptly at 10. We even had a queue at the door ... can 3 people be called a queue? So yeah I vgot in dropped off decks and spent my morning playing Zombies WHOO.

Next after watching Ray and another awesome dude play the CLASSIC BATTLETECH (WHOOOO!!!) and deciding there were waaaay too many charts for my liking I decided to thead to the dealers room where I met up with Ryzy and Luna. We then spent the rest of the day having fun getting photos and going to the Tayko drummers workshop where I got to have a go. Now I thought I sucked balls but obviously I inherited my Families musical talent somewhere because after the session I was talking to the 2 loverly lasses who helped run the workshop and they told me I had done quite well.
So there you go pops I now “play” a instrument you don’t. Now its Monday I am briefly rubbing it in his face at home before I have to fly to Kylies.

After the drumming session I had a quick break with Luna Ryzy and the awesome Gundam mad boys who we got a ikle harro for them. Once Iwas rested I soloed the props and armour building workshop. I got soem good ideas and really want to build nemos Warcaster outfit. At least 2 guys I talked to (one at the stream punk stall) wished me luck and prayed to see the final version.
But 1st something a little less adventurous. I am going to build Samurai Artefact Armour from Final Fantasy 11. This however will be minus a helm as I HATE the Helm. Might beg kylie to do a white mage.

But after all that I soloed din dins then I got changed into my civies for the evnign and headed to Sunday nigh live session. I have a 10 freaking minute video of the tayko drummers. I also wondered why I had 6 minutes of the Team rocket Skit. I had the stand up act recorded on the same footage balls. If that stand up wasn’t on the same track I could have scrubbed it and had room for the FMA magic show what was fantastic. However I did get a great song recorded I am sure we will all have a good old laugh at.

After that was the closing ceremony and the auction. I gotta say that giant plushy Pikachu was way out of my price tag being sold at over 100 quid. Team rocket finally got there Pikachu after a hard fought bidding war.

After that party party till midnight and now I’m sitting here typing and getting my bag soughed.

So folks this looks like the end of the Ayacon blog. As I finnish typing this comes to 6 pages and 3811 “words”, wow I think we may have hit uber post status I hope you enjoyed reading this post. After this week I promise more RPG goodies and you never know I may have a new player at my table. Stay tuned.

This is Fen Tiger from his weekend at Ayacon saying Goodnight tinternet.

Monday, 10 August 2009

What should inhabit Zu?

This is something I really want to bring up as Zu is mentioned i nNo Quater 25 just a little about a port what the new commers (the people of Immoren) are only allowed on and a Jungle where no newcommers have come back from alive. What Lives i nthere. We know monkeys do and a few other creatures have been mentioned. But what else? And the peoples culture we know so little what kind of architecture do they have? There is talk of Orgoth styles persistent in the culture. but what else?


I would like to think where you go in Zu there is multiple Architectural designs as they talk about the port they have landed in seems to be a trade nexus for what seems several different nations ..maybe?

But 1st and foremost I would lke to think the general architecture is Aztec in nature. I think its just because of the Jungle. I would love my players to be exploring ancient temples in a thick jungle cannopy / clearing and to find a aztec esc temple would be awesome. However i would like to try something different say egyptian style pyramids in a jungle would defy normal conventions.

But I could also pull ideas from different regions of the world. The adobe style buildings intrest me as a viable option. So many options.


Above I talked about the usual creatures monkeys beingkey ther. If there is no way to get a chimp for pirate to keep as pets the Pirates of the broken coats book would not be the same.

Ok so what can we expect from a non game rule perspective to find in that jungle. I would say the usual creatures you would find in any REAL jungle. Big cats, Exotic birds, Hell I might even make a few up for fun. Maybe some jungle elephants (they exist). Skys the limit. Besides for all we know there could be a savanah behind that Jungle or even a desset. I would feel more than at liberty to colonise Zu with many a crature you would find i nthe real world. And then we enter some adventurers with guns and we got big game hunting.

Now fro ma D&D perspective what creatures do I want to add into Zu. Although at the time of writing this not having all of the 3.5 Monster mnauals on me barring number I would like ot add 1st and foremost DINOSAURS.

Why DInosaurs .. WHY NOT it just seems righ i na fantasy world where we have big guns and jacks to pit them agaisn prehistoric beasties. YES YES YES!!!! ... excuse me a moment

But yeah appart from that I cant think of much else I would want to add to Zu not from monster manual 1 anyway. Well prehaps lizardmen and maybe orcs ... maybe.

SO those are my thoughts of Zu brought to you on my new laptop. Yes its here and its very sexy now back to snuggling the loveable missus

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Up the river without a paddle wheel.

Well before I begin this post I have to correct an error I made in my last post. The party didnt bluff there way into the smuglers hideout. No the Gun mage botched that. Infact Scarlet there fighter Intimidates her way into the hideout with use of one of her many firearms. Which I have to add this Rpg Inspirational poster just to get the point across.

This correction was brought to you by my ever lovign girl friend who wasnt going to let me get away with not mentioning her awesomeness. Someone want to get her to remove the kitchen knife from my spleen now.
Ok so this week saw me and my group Begin Witchfire part 2 Shadow of the exile. It was a great laugh. The party got there quest and foudn the information they needed. Realising there wasnot much time to waist they Flew off to the port to aquire a boat. In the end they found the Fortune and off they sailed.
The 1st encounter was the swampie village which i enjoyed as the DM, I got to put on my best deep fenny accent which I thought did a swampies dialect justice. Specialy for the odl man they could barely understand him.
They found out about the graveyards in the swampy village being dug up. they also heard about the shamblers and payed out for the Taismen to ward them off. I love how al our Arcane Mechanik thinks any udnead are instantly Alexias fault.
The shamblers attacked during the night the partyy chose to sleep in different places (the fighter in the swampy tavern, the arcane mechanik in the engine room of the fortune and the Gun mage on the deck)
THeSwamp shamblers attacked the gun mage siounded the alarm with a blast of his pistol as hey ascended from the water onto the ship. The fither kicked open the door and opened fire with her repeating rifle (lots of criticals ensued) and finaly the Arcane mechanik almost died (again).
Next up they encountered the Gobber raid which they dispatched with ease and al got his hand cranking up ice stick.
After that the events at the gates over the water was hilarious. The ships slowing down and the gumage casts fare blindign squint and havign the ship career into the bank.
So they enter the 1st tower, normaly the razor bats should fly out and attack the party when they get close bt what I let happen was more fun.
The Gun mage goes in 1st pops on dancing lights to find himself surrounded by bats in which he makes a hasty retreat whilst bats chase him. Few moments later the bats all drop dead.
Then they had to open the 1st gate. The ydidnt realise the gates had been chained together so it took all 3 of them to open it.
Then to the next side where they found the thralls which at 1st Al didnt relaise one was a thrall. But hey they dispatched them easily enough.
Finaly we got the the Gatermen which suprised them on the home stretch boom log trap into ships paddle wheel ships in trouble gatermen attack party slays them.
So squint tells em there not far fro mthere destination they have 10 hours before he leaves and then tells them to deal with the gatermen or there nto goign to get back. The parties responce is screw the gaters on to the Temple of Cyriss and thats where we left it.
So Squint nad his crew will sucum to the gaters and Al will be busy reparing the sip before they can leave.
So thats it for thsi blog. No Irin Kingdoms RPG goodness next wee kas I am at Ayacon (I hope if things go as planned) so in 2 weeks we wil lbe gettign back on track with the 2nd act of the Shadow of the Exile.
ALso on another note Pathfindr fast levelign is fast leveling as the party went up from pretty much base level 3 xp to level 4 in one session (probaly cause 2 people was missing)
See you all at aya
- Fen