Wednesday, 4 November 2009

The red warmachines statistics part 1

Hey folks fen here getting back on track with blogging I still have to write up a review of last game but that will be up in the next few days.
Today I bring you the 1st in a series of posts where im going to try and give my own thoughts on 3.5 representation of units from warmachine. Essentialy this is me giving them stats so I can use them in future games. This is not going to be me saying this is how they should be but my own thoughts and ideas, I will be defiantly staying away from characters like yuri and the great bears and warcasters. I feel giving named characters stats is a stupid idea as your players are more likely to try and kill them.
One last thing if I don't stat up certain units like iron fangs then they already have there stats in a no quarter somewhere.

Ok now lets get down to businesses 1st up is one of my favourite units in the red army known as Khador the Manhunter.

Name: Manhunter

Race: Human (Khardic)

Class: Ranger 9

HP: 77 (6d8+5)

AC: 17 (10+4+3)

Initiative: 8 (4+4)

Speed: 30ft





















Base attack Bonus: 9/4

Saves: Fort : 8 (6+2)
Will: 5 (3+2)
Ref: 10 (6+4)

Skills: Hide 12, Knowledge nature 8, knowledge tactics 3, knowledge geography 7, listen 12, Move Silently 12, search 12, spot 12, survival 12, climb 3, swim 3

Feats and abilities: Favoured enemy (human), track, Wild empathy, Favoured terrain (artic), Alertness, endurance, Woodland stride, evasion, favoured terrain (forest), weapon proficiency (simple, martial), armour proficiency (light , medium, shields), improved initiative, two weapon fighting, combat reflexes, stealthy, toughness, weapon focus battleaxe, weapon specialisation

Equipment: 2 battle axes (1d8+6, X3), Rations, hide armour

Initialy I was going to make them barbarians but then I went and re-read the manhunters backstory. These guys and gals are hunters who have taken up hunting the deadliest game ... MAN!!!
So I changed them to the Iron Kingdoms ranger variant. I then geared them towards being the mightiest hunters of Khador. there hide is at modest 18 (4 from DEX + 12 ranks in hide + 2 for stealthy) making them difficult to spot and with track, spot, listen and search maxed out they'll be difficult to shake. Manhunters are weapon masters so I gave them weapon focus and specialisation.
I made them 9th level as iron fangs are level 6 and as there a specially trained unit I thought manhunters should be a few levels higher. My thoughts for this were that manhunters as solos are capable of dispatching a unit of grunts like say trenchers. also it allowed me to give them there second bonus terrain. I chose artic and forests as that's what Khador has a lot of snow and trees.
If you want to lower or up the levels go ahead comments and criticism welcome.

And if anyone is intrested on my thoughts of yuri I would say11th/3rd level IK ranger with 1 or 2 levels of barbarian.

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