Thursday, 5 November 2009

looking forward to warmachine mk2

with a few months left I am getting really excited about Warmachine MK2. Not just the updated rules but also the releases what come with it. The basic heavy warjack's (the ones that featured in prime and prime remix) will be released as a single plastic kit with parts to make 4 variants. Yes all have a 4th variant which is brand new and I am looking forward to Khadors new variant the DECIMATOR!!!
This is a true Khadoran Warjack Sporting a chainsaw on one arm and a rifled cannon SWEET!!!
But that is not all these jacks have undergone a facelift. My beloved Khadoran jacks now have the same design as the Extreme Juggernaut which is mouth watering good.

Also with the latest version of Warmachine they are releasing faction books. The 1st to be released being Cygnar. This book will be the definitive guide to Cygnar holding unit rules, painting advice, information on the organisation of the Cygnaran military and much more.

So mk2 looks like it will be fun joy fen out

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