Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Recaps Of my Witchfire campaign.. also known as this ones been alogn time comming

SO hey its been a while since I've actually blogged. Really should try and keep this constant but then again I have just not found the time thanks to work, D&D and umm Champions Online. Yeah the games good no I'm not a life time member after Ayacon I couldn't afford to be. I got a discounted 6 months and the rest of the goodies.
But anyways were not here to talk Champions online .... yet, noo were here to talk about warmachine goodness really and that being my campaign.

So here we go what you've missed me talking about over the past 2 weeks.
Right so we left our adventurers deciding to skip the gatorman village and leave squint and his companions to there own fate (couple of points towards evil there).
So across the swamp land they went where they found dun dun dun Alexia's boat. inside they found the crew Alexia had Charmed into giving her a ride. And there big burly female Khadoran bodyguard who also was charmed and now tied up in the ship. Now what I mean by Khadoran bodyguard is welcome our new player Katie YAAAAY. She's playing our big Khadoran fighter with a big axe and monkey grip.

So with there new Khadoran ally they continue onwards into the Temple of Cyris. On arriving at the temple and upon hearing the Description of the temple of Cyris our Arcane Mekhanik starts to have an unhealthy fixation on the place which would make him the butt of the jokes for some time.
So charging in head long they encounter several groups of drones and Cyriss Clerics who lets face it are not pleased to see MORE intruders. They also find 2 men in cells. Thanks to quick spot checks they notice tatoos on their arms showing they belonged to the inqusition which involved them being shot to death in there cells by the party.
They picked up the flame thrower (although I never told em what it was) and then they got to the smelting room. They ran around with greandes in hand blowing clerics into the smelting pits and the crane was swinging around. And then kylies fighter scored the ultimate kill. How I put it after the crit roll she rolled away from the crane arm drew her rifle landed and proceeded to head shot the crane operater through the tinted window of the crane room. He bounced of the wall and proceeded to tumble out into the smelting vats.

So finaly after going up and down elevators they found the main room where alexia was. 1st up they took on the coven and did quite well als arcane mechanik managed to figure out that he had a flamethrower by traning it on the coven.
Once they were done all the party began to run towards alexia with the Gunmage preparing his precious quad iron and casting rune bullet on each seprate bullet (he had 4 turns to kill to get to alexia). SO before anyone else gets a turn including alexia the Gunmage who had highest Intiative essentialy CRITICALED Alexia with the Quad Iron. Essentialy he managed to deal enough damage to take take out alexia. SO she went flying into the pit and baboom the party has finnaly done what theyve been wanting to do since the Longest Night. KILL ALEXIA.
So the party pocket the Witchfire and get the FUCK out of there.

I decided to Skip Father Lucan or whatever he is the big spidery thing as that gamign session was comming to the end and the party wants out of the temple.
SO they got back to the boat found Squint and crew dead. So 1st thoughts for most of em was like ... awesome we got a boat. So The Arcane Mechanik gets the boat going on one paddle wheel.

So they get back to Corvis find out Vinters back the inqusitions runnign aorund the place and all swords are being confiscated. so they decide to park a li lfurther up rriver no where near corvis and try and find a back route in. They find a sewer entrance and go throug hthere and then find there way to a empty church where There ambushed by the Inquisitors and Helstrom. The party is liek Hell Helstrom has betrayed us and then he saves em and gets em to save Dumas which they do. Rember at this time I only had half the group with me and they stormed the place no problem left all the other prisoners to die bypassed the skorne torturer and then went and saved DUMAs and ran the hell Away. So I threw in a Skorne Warrior and a few guards for fun. Just so they knew hwat they were up against.
Also during this there Khardic fighter who had demanded she held onto the Witchfire had stayed on the boat and had found zombies romaing round it which she started to dispatch with no problem and almsot picked up the witchfire even though i waqs really hintign she didnt want to do that. To find out why go read the witchfire trilogy books the stats for that accursed sword are in there.

So i nthe end thats how it went Dumas was saved the sword was encased in stone and hidden in the Arcane mechaniks warehouse and now the party has free time. .... they also may have come into contact with a Skorne cyclops but eh you know.

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