Monday, 10 August 2009

What should inhabit Zu?

This is something I really want to bring up as Zu is mentioned i nNo Quater 25 just a little about a port what the new commers (the people of Immoren) are only allowed on and a Jungle where no newcommers have come back from alive. What Lives i nthere. We know monkeys do and a few other creatures have been mentioned. But what else? And the peoples culture we know so little what kind of architecture do they have? There is talk of Orgoth styles persistent in the culture. but what else?


I would like to think where you go in Zu there is multiple Architectural designs as they talk about the port they have landed in seems to be a trade nexus for what seems several different nations ..maybe?

But 1st and foremost I would lke to think the general architecture is Aztec in nature. I think its just because of the Jungle. I would love my players to be exploring ancient temples in a thick jungle cannopy / clearing and to find a aztec esc temple would be awesome. However i would like to try something different say egyptian style pyramids in a jungle would defy normal conventions.

But I could also pull ideas from different regions of the world. The adobe style buildings intrest me as a viable option. So many options.


Above I talked about the usual creatures monkeys beingkey ther. If there is no way to get a chimp for pirate to keep as pets the Pirates of the broken coats book would not be the same.

Ok so what can we expect from a non game rule perspective to find in that jungle. I would say the usual creatures you would find in any REAL jungle. Big cats, Exotic birds, Hell I might even make a few up for fun. Maybe some jungle elephants (they exist). Skys the limit. Besides for all we know there could be a savanah behind that Jungle or even a desset. I would feel more than at liberty to colonise Zu with many a crature you would find i nthe real world. And then we enter some adventurers with guns and we got big game hunting.

Now fro ma D&D perspective what creatures do I want to add into Zu. Although at the time of writing this not having all of the 3.5 Monster mnauals on me barring number I would like ot add 1st and foremost DINOSAURS.

Why DInosaurs .. WHY NOT it just seems righ i na fantasy world where we have big guns and jacks to pit them agaisn prehistoric beasties. YES YES YES!!!! ... excuse me a moment

But yeah appart from that I cant think of much else I would want to add to Zu not from monster manual 1 anyway. Well prehaps lizardmen and maybe orcs ... maybe.

SO those are my thoughts of Zu brought to you on my new laptop. Yes its here and its very sexy now back to snuggling the loveable missus

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