Thursday, 15 October 2009

Death in the Party

I figured I hsould start like that a awesome pic of Colbert. Would like to point out I demand more Colbert report on British TV and the Daily show. Those shows make my laugh so loud I defended the entire county with my sonic laughter.

So this week has been madness It was Columbus day monday and all the Americans from the bases came to my store what a afternoon and due to circumstances I was working still 2 hours after my shift ended.

but anyway to the D&D stuff.
There was a death last week.
Scarlett (our ranged fighter) and alain (our arcane maechanik)were sent to go take care of some mysterious goings on. Along with a group of hired muscle they found where the strange interlopers were hiding outside of town.
What they didnt know is that inside the hideout were a cryxian sorcerer, a satxyis sorcerer/fighter, a blighted trollkin barbarian and 12 mechanithralls.
They fought through the 1st wave but had to pull back after the second wave surprised them and taken out one of there companions. So they went back the next day and charged in head 1st the extra acompniment of Mercenaries jumping on the mechanithralls.
They 1st took on the blighted Trollkin who packed a punch but was no match for alain and Scarlet.
They managed to sneak into the room with the satyxis and the sorceress unfortunately Alain wasnt as good at hiding and was found hiding behind a rock and as a the satyxis set sights on him Scarlet sniped away from behind her rock. and after getting a few scratches from the satxyis she defeated and just the Sorceress left. She let out a HUGE fireball spell which took most of scarletts and alains health away. Scarlet managed to score a direct hit on the sorceress but not before Alain was struck by a ray spell and died and thus ends Alains travels as Scarlet pocketed his goods and left his corpse to rot.

Ah yes what a adventure up next though ... Well I cant decide either to do the umbral spiral or the legion of lost souls of well tommorow I shall make my decision.

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