Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Of Gods and Men part 2

Azeroth – God of Law and Human Purity
Greater Deity
Symbol:A Generic Human
Home Plane:
Alignment: Lawful
Worshippers: Humans, Asimar
Cleric Alignments: LG, LE, LN
Domains: Good, Evil, War, Law, Strength, Destruction
Favoured Weapons: Halberd

Azeroth is the law bringer and slayer of Pelor. He is the patron of the Empire of Azeroth which he founded in his Mortal days. Azeroth created a pure human society, no off shoots. No Half elves, no shifters, no teiflings. The only exception to this rule has been the asimar who after his ascension are believed to be blessed by Azeroth. Azeroth from his youth believed those who were not pure human to be a weakness. He also sees other races as lesser beings to humans.
His pet hate is Demons and even though he permits other races and half casts to live (albeit a second class citizens i nhis eyes) demons and those with demon blood in there veins are abominations and must be purged from the world.
He Slew Pelor for believing him to be too soft upon law breakers and took his power for his own.

Binar – God of Warforged, Knowledge, innovation
Greater Deity
Symbol:warforged face
Home Plane:Forgeria
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Worshippers: Warforged, Inventors, Scholars
Cleric Alignments: LN
Domains: Law, Knowledge, Magic
Favoured Weapons: Warhammer

Binar is the 1st construct to ever achieve god hood. He destroyed the creation forges which the old nations were using to create warforged slaves. He then led a rebellion what lasted 100 years until he ascended. He constructed a plane which was one enormous creation forge from which new warforged are created and are sent to the mortal plane every 20 years. Only 20 warforged are sent to the realm every 20 years however there is a legend of a island made of metal where hundreds if not thousands of warforged lives.

Drachenstien – God of good dragons
Greater Deity
Symbol:Silver Dragons Claw
Home Plane:
Alignment: Good
Worshippers: Orcs, warriors
Cleric Alignments:LG, CG, NG
Domains: Good, War, Law, chaos, Strength, protection, Healing
Favoured Weapons: Maul

Drachenstien is a dragonborn, his original name has been lost in time. He ascended to god hood after defeating Tiamat and was ready to take his side at his masters side when he found he had disappeared. No body could be found with the other bodies of the recently deceased gods in the astral plane. He now has his servants seek out clues to Bahamuts whereabouts. so far he has had no success. His rivals are the Granddaughters of tiamat the 5 half dragon sisters who have taken timamts power in her stead.

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