Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Of Gods and men part 3

Wow. I really need to keep on top of blogging huh. Well hey there folks im back once more. I had a lil blogging hiatus as well ... I'M LAZY OK!
But yeah mving on with regards to my new campaign (which is now known as Keeping the peace) is going strong. We have had players drop and new players join but all in all it is a fun romp through the world. I will post  later on about what's going on and the current group later but for now lets get back to THE GODS!

The sisters (Lilith, Aldornia, Ostrogotho)- goddesses of evil dragons
Greater Deities
Symbol:3 headed dragon
Home Plane:
Alignment: Evil
Worshippers: Evil Dragons
Cleric Alignments:LE (Lilith), CE (Aldornia), NE (Ostrogotho)
Favoured Weapons: 
The Sisters as they are known are Tiamats successors. Also known as the daughters of tiamat these 3 half dragons now collectively control her power. It was they who helped slay many of the old gods and they who made bahamut disappear.
Stefryanous – God of Moral and Logical Truths
Greater Deity
Symbol:Four Pointed Star
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral Good
Worshippers: The good and open minded
Cleric Alignments:Any Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Strength, Knowledge, Protection, Sun
Favored Weapons: Two-bladed Sword
Not a great deal is known about this new god, which in itself suggests that before ascension he was of humble or at least unknown status. What is known is that he asks nothing of his followers other than that they follow the path of good. He seems to prefer reasoning with both logic and morality making him popular with lawful and chaotic alike. His seemingly soft nature however has led to conflict between his followers and those of Azeroth, whether there’s conflict between the gods themselves is unknown. It is mused that he must have been chosen to ascend for a reason and that his weapon of choice suggests there’s more to him than is currently known.
Now Stefryanous is not my creation. He is a god Al designed fr the campaign based on this charming fellow. Al wanted a god to fit his Paladin  of Freedom, as none of the gods i had designed took his fancy I gave al the leeway to create a new God provided he set up his back story, domains, worshipers, favoured weapon. Basicaly all the Stuff i was too lazy to do. 
any way this is where  ishall elave off for now. Until next year .. probably.

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