Saturday, 29 January 2011

gaming drain

Now I am sure that we have all had this problem before all you Games Masters out there. Game drain. For me I can DM/GM/Storyteller for about half a year before I just slump into a corner. Being a GM is a hard thing to do constantly havign to have the game ready to go keeping your players in check, making sure you know wtf you are talking about, etc. After a while you justn eed someone to take over. Now at times like trhis I would hand over the rains to Kaiketsu who could run a game whislt I recharged however now with his new job his work schedule is more messed up than mine. This means if I were to take a break no games would ensue, this would be a dissapointment to my players as they all seem to enjoy the game im currently running.

However if I were to continuethe quality of sessions would suffer due to my lack of intrest in the game and thus my players wouldnt want to play once more. So so far the plan is to play out the final scenario for the 1st part of the campaign and then take a week or 2 breather get my notes together and resume and prehaps see if we can find a games master to alternate with me on a week by week basis.

My advice to any GM who finds himself in the same rut: if its not fun anymore take a break for a bit and come back refreshed.

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