Monday, 14 June 2010

Breaking news redshirt survives London MCM Expo ... Barely

Yes the Red Shirt did you survive the convention I had a brush with a sith lord but made it out in one piece.

But Yeah Waht Can I say my tiem at London ear was fantastic. Got to meet Paul cornell the Writer behind Captain Britain and MI13, Got to meet Dan Abnett and see a world 1st sneak peek of the Ultramarines movie SQUEE. By The Way Whoever had the bright Idea of having the damn drummers playing all day so no one could hear anythign going on in the theater where the stars were doing Q&A sessions should be shot and propt up o nthe emperors glorious pike.

Also bug up to the lass in the Captains outfit I took most of a morning trying to find you to get a pic once i scrounged the camera back off her. So yeah my 10 quid red shirt outfit did the job folks. I survived and won a few rounds of Magic. Should I classify the hangover as a death ... nahhhhh.
- Fen Over and Out

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