Thursday, 14 January 2010

ahh new year and same bull****

2010 is here 2 years away from a apocalypse and perhaps by then I will have a full write up of the witchfire trilogy game I ran just maybe. So what's new in the world?
Well 1st off Warmachine MK2 is out so get a copy I know I need to but one has no money. Star Trek online is now in the open beta phase. Its a good game just there seem to be a few errors in the open beta compared to closed beta. Overall though the game is fun and entertaining ... just go pre-order the damn game.
Work has quietened down again thank Morrow. I am now fitting in roughly 40 hours into 4 days of work so fun times.
Oh yeah and next week the campaign begins again one year after the events of the Witchfire Trilogy.

I gave the players plenty of rewards cause well im nice. These rewards included things they would find useful. For example the Sorcerer just levelled into Warcaster so as a rewards she got her 1st steamjack.

Light steamjack
height/weight: 7'6"/5 tons
armourment: pneumaticaly powered fists
Initial Service Date:
Hit Dice: 5
hit points: 57 (27+30)
base initiative: -4
Speed: 15 ft
AC: 22
bab: +3
mab: +11
rab: 0
base attack damage: 1d6+8
space/reach: 10ft
Saving throws: ref: -2, will: 0
abillities: 26 str (+8), 5 DEX (-3)
cortex: 4 INT, 11 WIS
build DC: 21
Construction time: 6 weeks + 1 day
Price: 28,000
Special attacks: N/A
Special Qualities: Slow (Ex)
                   Furnace Vulnerability (Ex)

                   Reliance on Fuel

                   damage reduction:5/serricsteel
Challenge Rating: 4

The idea is it was developed by her mentor and given to her as a training aid.

Others are getting other items. Scarlet kylies fighter gets her tavern shes always wanted.
So lets leave it at that for now folks till later toodles.

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