Sunday, 21 June 2009

Today is walk like house day

So yeah today is a good day to impersinate house. Last night I hada little accident. Whilst doing one hell of a close shift (didnt nget off until 2:20 didnt get home until 3pm) I went flying across my kitchen whilst cleaning it as the floor round pot wash was a "tad" wet. Got up kept working done. Now the ride home was painful and trying to get up onto my bed whats about 3' high was increadbly painful. This morning it was worse. Ive doen the leg in round the groin area which means trying to bend comes with ALOT of pain.

So apart from that very little to report except oh god the pain the pain of it all. Also I look funny hobbling.

So D&D this thursday. its a longer session than the last lot so I hope to be through the 1st part of the Witchfire Trilogy. So hooray for that i want to get on with part 2. For I need my Vinter Raelthrone Fix.

For those who dont know Vinter is the former King of Cygnar (the nation the witch fire trilogy is set in) who was a tyrant and was overthrown by his younger brother. he then escapes across the supposedly barren bloodstone marches finds the Skorne and single handedly conquers them and is now leading a army of skorne across the Bloodstone Marches towards Corvis (the City centered round the Witchfire Trilogy) So by the time the part y finnish part 2 they will find a army at there doors.

Now vinter is essentialy this character the Party is not going to beat for along time. Privateer dont advise giving him stats just when the party does meet him give the impression it would be nuts to take him on. You essentialy see him maybe try and get a shot in he nicks you and then you and he are carried away from each other by 2 fighting warmies and so long as you dpnt follow him you WONT DIE.

God my players are going to die. But Vinter does have a number next to his name and its in the fairly high epics. Even in warmachine they gave him a stat card and you could easily see him tear through a army. Anyway I shall end my post there as I need to pee and its takes me forever to get up the stairs. Someone get me a bottle.

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