Friday, 19 June 2009

Obsidian is the man

So Hear I am feeling stiff and tired but cant sleep. Sis makign mini pizzas for our friends lan party tommorow. I have to work >.<>.<

Decided there will not jsut be or 2 trollkin but a high level trollkin fighter a fell caller and then there many minions. They essentialy will make up the Mercenray companies backbone. Oh yeah the Pcs are gonan be crying for there mother. Of course there nto going to be up agaisnt the full force at once that would be too cruel. But I like being cruel.

Well that all for now. Rember 1 days to go to see Mr o in action going at his Commissionlathon I will be subjecting Kylie to it when I get in tommorow night. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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