Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I still cant get into 4th Edition

Sorry to all those who really can get into 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons but I cant there I said it. I mean its a ok system if you like a game where you have to micro manage every last detail. including powers. GOne are the days where I could be a fighter and it would be simple case of yeah I hit the guy. Yeah ive got these bonuses from feats. End of discussion. Now I have to keep rtrack of what special attacks Ive used which ones I have left, etc it iritates me. Also movment now measured in squares not feet less abstraction ARRRGH!!!

To me it takes more fun out of the game and there are other htigns I dont like about it. Want to make a magical weapon wont take you days no more nope. One quick ritual and hey you got yourself a +1 Greatsword. How magic items are made aswell. Yeah your weapon can have this enchanbtment ... if its this weapon type wth. Are Wizards jsut trying to make weapon creation just thatl ittle more restrictive. If I want a God damn adamntine maul I WILL HAVE my Adamantine Maul and I dont care if your version comes with a +2 enchantment as a level 8 magical weapon ill have that Added by jimbo the friendly NPC mage. It may take many days to do so but then it feels right it feelsm ore epic. Narcil wasnt made in a day and nor was it reforged i none. Wizards hav made a game for WoW and other young MMO players.
So what this rant probaly means is im just gettign too old for the way these new fangled things work. By the way Wizards GSL sucks balls.

And today unfortunatly there was no D&D as my players whop said they could make the session were no show and didnt turn up till late when there was less time. SO I have spent the evning watching mr O from commissioned drawing live via his web cam he is awesome and miss luna also agrees and is moderatly jealous. im more jealous of his baldness lol dunno why.

I also spent probaly the last 2 hours helping my new arrivals make there characters. We got a gunmage and a bard now. So more spell casters. The party is becomign spell caster heavy. Sorcerer, Arcane Mechanik, Gun mage and now a bard, All there is a paladin and fighter to protect them until the barbarian show (still waiting miss Y).
BOth there sheets are incomplete but its just spells equipment to go. THe Gunmag is a follower of Toruk eep. He is so up for a whooping if anyone ever finds out. Toruk is not favoured in the ik. The bard is being played by my good pal Nomis and he always plays spell casters. So I suggested to him that he might want to try Bard which he seems happy to do so. SO him and the sorcerer will be throwing around 0 level spells infinatly all day making the gun mage and arcane mechanik unhappy. As the party is nearign the end of Part 1 of the witch fire trilogy im currently developing my own NPCs to have them meet and ultimatly despise.

Ive decided there gobber friend will be making a return as a hexblade. I figure he returns the goblin chief fidns out that he was hiding in the chiefs room like a coward whilst there men were slaughtered and is cursed (literaly) and is banished fro mthe teribe. In time this curse he will master and become a hexblade/fighter. I wanted a Hexblade NPc as its one of my favourite PC classes and had much fun playing one in my friends campaign (ergo briefly).
Kaiketsu also has a rival NPC (he jsut dosent know it yet) ive decided on a Knight Exemplar who will hopefully be a recouring NPC whos soul purpose is to bring back Kais sorceress so she can be tried as a witch and burnt at the stake.

Ill probaly make a few intresteing other NPCS. Possibly a Cygnaran Gunmage a Swashbuckler to be the missues pirate rival stuff like that.

Privateer press this week released a preview of there new plastic warjack for the retributuion. People have already flamed it sayign it dosent fit in with the feel of Warmachine its too animeish etc. To be fair I didnt expect elves to have steam belching heavy armour clad warjacks I expected somethign more aerodynamic and streamlined. And yes i expected them to be powered by arcane powers. Reac the Iron Kingdoms RPG stuff people the fluff says it all.
Cant wait for the Retribution to be relased roll on September.

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