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Pizza Hut menu just got classier and Players spouses should sometimes not com to your gamign table

So yeah its sunday and at 7 his mornign i grogly had food thrust in my face by the old man along with a pint of squash. Today no lie in I had to go to work also known as Pizza hut to learn the new menu. Every 3 months the menu gets a re-shuffle and being kitchen staff I hav been lucky that for the past 6 months I havent had to attend a meeting for a new menu as its all been stuff the waiters have to learn. Unfortunatly this new menuencommpased both groups.

I was absolutely dreaddign this. Last time we had a enw menu the amount of extra work we had to do on our open shifts was insane. Loads of new combonations to learn it was awful. Course 6 months in its all good now weve learned from our mistakes and improved 10 fold. The new menu isnt as awful as I thought. Were going european, along with all your favourite pizza topping and doughs we have added a lighter italian option. These pizzas resemble what you would get at Pizza Express. Heres a sneak peak of the new toppings (Starting tommorow eg Monday 15th).

Prosciutto and rocket: Marghareita base with fresh motzerella.. We then add rocket, prosciutto ham and sliced tommato once its out of the oven.

Pollo Portobello: Chicken and Portobello mushrooms, The sauce for the base is a mix of pessto and cream (my #1 fave of the new range I highly recomend)

Caprino: Goats cheese, Mixed Olives, Cherry tomatoes, caramelised onions and Fresh Rocket.

Verde: This one is amazing. Asparagus, Peas, Spinach and peppers with a cream base. I highly Recommend this for all you vegetarians and makes #2 on my overall list of the new pizzas.

I recomend you try them from tommorow onwards. and dont forget to try the new starter Large mushrooms with mixed cheese and garlic butter yum.

Ok so thats the sales pitch done onto the usual gaming rant.

Your gamign groups other halves should be left at home never at the table is probaly my new slogan. I found this out Thursday night when I hosted my 2nd session of my Iron Kingdoms campaign. Were still doing it online as one of my players isnt back yet and I cant get a weekend off yet (I will you hear me boss). So anyway 3 more of my group were supposed to start that night Kaiketsu my good bud at uni we run the Games club together. and two of my long time friends who are a couple. Mr X had doen a bit of roleplay before and was excited to go again. Miss Y never tried but was apparently willign to give it a go. Main reason she was with us I belive is Mr X isnt really allwoed to be let out of site (how it seems). So we get down to it we were havign some set up troubles with gametable and audio (TS2 servers suck) which we solved by switching to Skype.

Now I think miss Y one cant be bothered to sought out her headset and we got lots of feedback from her set what was giving us all a headache. Next up I think she couldnt be bothered to go through with it aeven after we got her set up. GAH so she ims me and says sorry and that she wasnt goign to do it online as it seemed boring this way but wil ldo it in person. Ok fair enough but I knew what was gonna happen next. Mr X obviopusly is on the leash and now must appolagise and depart with her (he gave the reason that at the time as we were havign audio problems and were gonna used text hed find that boring). So ok two gone what made me mad though is I had set the game back till 8 PM because Miss Y wasnt available till that time and it was the only day we could get a game going so by half 8 the game is finnaly off.

So we flew straight into Act 2 of the Witch Fire Trilogy Kaiketsu was picke up very easily as the poor waith and stray sorceress who needed shelter and protection. SO thewy too kher in are arcane mechanik and fighter then set out lookign through the Libary for information on the Witch trial. A NPC usualy gives this info but Are Arcane Mechanik forgot to ask her anymore info, so I introduced the idea of the Library, surely they would have soem kidn of Records on the witch trial of the Centuary. I also managed to introduce the NPC I forgot earlier on as they went back to the Church of Morrow. THey met with Father Dumas once more and introduced the young 14 year old Sorceress (kai has a penchent for makign odd and humorus characters I enjoy it) as a member of there party who wasnt wit hthem at the time father dumas belived them and allwoed her to stay at the Church with them. He also recounted the story fo the Corvis Witch Trial and explained where the witches were entombed. the party then journeyed off to the tomb.

And this is where Poop hit the fan. On the way random encounter. They fought a group of Devil Rats and even though they won the Sorcreress and the Fighter hav got Devil fever. They got to the tomb waltzed in fught the cave squid failed to find soem shinny treasure however found the magical dagger and some ancient coins. then they fought the squid what almost killed the sorceress as she was dragged under by the squid.
So they decided a they were exhaughsted, out of spells and the sorceress was well almost dead to camp the night. Then Gobbers found them i nthe cave (whoot random encounters) Fortunatly the hole was tiny they couldnt get through easily so the fighter blocked the entrance and was almsot butchered (good old 5' square held em). So the fighter and the Arcane Mechanik Took it in turns to plug the hole and fight the beasties whilst the sorceress threw her infinite level 0 spells and her bloodline power at the poor gobbers who in the end none were spared.

Next day they awake and the fighter feels like crap the fever has finished incubating and she lost 3 strength and 1 constitution ouch. This was not good as she was out of pistol rounds and had to rely on her longsword. and 1 less point of constitution meant she lost a point of HP. Fortunatly there in the employ of a cleric theyll be fine when they get back well she will be the sorceress hasnt scumb yet.

So they continue they find the poor little gobber huddling in the corner f a room begging to be spared poor bork never did anythign to them. However the party so far has had a rough experience with gobbers. They agreed that theyd let the poor little gobber go free if he told them so information which he did in which they found out a young lady came in and animated som dead bones fro mthe mass grave pit and then went to the room with the "smelly boxes" also known as caskets.
Then fun happens kai decides evn though theyv let the goblin go free hes gonna zap it thinking "hey my bloodline power does d6 points of damage it wil lkill him. Gobbers have 8 HP whoops. So Gobber goes to walk out the door and is zapped by lightning by crazy girl and bolts. So kai ive given a few points towards evil (he odnt know that yet) and i think the poor gobber is goign to become a recouring enemy MUAHAHA.

SO yeah they go towards where the poor gobber said the smelly boxes were and the party found a suprise wiating for them. 3 thralls. which essentialy ripped the fighter to shreds and the poor mechanik and Sorceress would have been next but hey they REALLY lucked out.
Mr X came back online and joined us on Skype free from Miss Y for the night haha excelent and asked even thoug hwe gonan be wrappign up soonish. in my mind I though SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFE!!! I really did not want the party to die to these damn Thralls. So I set it up that the Paladin arrives to see Dumas and Dumas asks if he can go find the party as the tombs only 2 hours from town and they had nt been heard of for a day. SO the Paladin comes in walks roudn the corner and the eye begins to twitch as he sees EVIL!!!. Paladin flys in and hits the 1st with his Hammer Critical, Confirmed max damage there be just bone. Next one Critical Confirmed bone. End session. Fun times.

Onc that Paladi nturns Warcaster he will be a force to be reckoned with Nto as powerful as a spell caster as they have plentiful spells to burn into focus but jsut because with what focus he will have can make him a melee god.

So thats my rant and game recap hopefulyl tuesday I will get another game in whoot once we get through Act 2 the fun starts, especialy as are arcane mechanik has put 2 and 2 together to make a Arc node. yues his theory on zombies is confirmed:
A- thralls in the tomb.
B- The covens bodies are missing

and he thinks he knows whos doen it. Cant wait to see what happens next.

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