Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Moible suit Gundam the 17th Reconisance team.

So yeah Before I got back to work I just came up with this idea. Last night I finished building my new Gunpla. At the London Expo this year I picked up the Chars rick-Dom vs Amuros Gundam unit 3 kit. Its a great kit for the price and you get 2 MS in a alternate colour scheme so hey cant complain.

Then I was taking photos of the RX78-3 and the nifty little core fighter you get with it. Then it struck me. In the picture is the RX-78 [G]'s (the one poking its head out behind the Grey one) backpack looks big enough to hold the core fighter when it folds up with some room to spare. I measured it up and it did . Ideas started to buzz in my head.

The Ground combat Gundam (RX-78 [G] one) is seen through the 08th team (the series its in) on patrol in the jungle etc and the team is normally carrying those packs with extra equipment. They've got a hover tank what wires round the comms and has the sonar to check for the enemy on the ground etc. But what if they were given a aerial recognisance unit to go with them.

One what fits in a pack like say a core fighter. This now gives them a little bit more of a tactical advantage able to attack the enemy from the air and from the ground seems like a grand plan. SO I began to work out how this would work essentially. They would need a spare pilot able to jump in at a moments notice. So a spare pilot would be needed. A special compartment could be made for him to be stored in in the container as its large enough for a small compartment above a compacted core fighter.

They'd need a way to get it out and ready the packs are normally seen been put down on the ground before gear is taken out. prehaps if it had a lowering mechanism inside the pack what lowered it and transformed it into its fighter mode. It would have to get out of the pack and have some clear gorund to take off. Or prehaps a emergency launch system from the pack if there wasn't room. Not enough for a runway but enough to get it in the air.

So now I got an idea for a story about a Recognisance team during the one year war. Think ill write a story about the 17th Mobil suit team also known as the 1st Reconnaissance team and there battle with a team of elite zeonic forces. Going to fun on the bun.

Because I can - Fen

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