Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I HATE WORK and other random Jabber

YOu know there are days you really shouldnt go to work. Got intoday at 5:30PM from my shift was meant to finnish at ten. Manageress goes ahh Andrew your staying to close now. JUH WHUH? Not my shift to do that. She tells me that newbie A is ill and I have to do it plus do the close tommorow ARRRGH. SO yeah we had virtualy no one in the kitchen it was busy as hell and from Half 9 I was left alone. Thank God it went quite enough for me to start cleanign at quater to nine.

However after workign there for 2 years Now it hasbeebn a veryl ong time Ive had to clean the entire kitchen by myslef OH god >.<. All was done by about 1 this morning urrgh. Not to mentio nwe hd a delivery show up at 11PM cause the distributer managed to wreck this mornigns shipment and had to send a replacement. SO Yeha I had fun for one thing I dotn drive im quite reliant when doing closes on gettign a lift. Fortunatly my manager said hed give me a lift home phew. Gonan have to ring up when I awaken to tell them Im not closign tommorow night as I cant get a ride home that late. So got in at 2 this mornign after me and the boss stoped at Tescos on the way back 1 for me to get soem very late din dins and 2 so he could get something to forget tonight. Then a quick stop at a petrol station for his usual amount of ciggys. So yeah dragged my corpse in petted the dog and I cant sleep so im just lounging here thinkign of more IK stuff. I started to think bout my lil gobber friend over the day and how he should work out. I made hi ma lvl 8char (lvl 4 rouge/4 Hexblade).

His story now goes that hes always had a little bit of a hint of arcane power but its more or less manifested in bad luck for him and people round him. After the incident he was kicked out of the tribe he headed to Five fingers where he became a pickpocket and petty thief to survive.
Soon his prowess grew and became a thief of moderate skill.
Whilst in Five fingers he cornered a snooty Wizard who before he died told our poor unfortunate gobber he had a sparck of arcane power about him.
After that our Gobber friend practiced on his own to master his new talents. After a while he decided he coudl ply his talents as a mercenary and joined the 4 star syndicate takign any job no matter how depraved.
After a while he met up with Trollkin with as much hate for humans as the Gobber, A Ogrun who sought revenge against Mankid for Killing his Dwarven paymaster and a Iosan who was hunting Human Spell casters. They banded together to form there own "elite" Mercenary team. The young gobber hates all humans because of what a young Sorceress did to him that got hi mexiled from his tribe. The other big humans didnt stop her so h figures all humans ar the same (Bogrin are simple creatures.

Which means i get to build a All Anti Human merc group who will take human coin only if it means they get to kill more humans. Theyll work for anyone including the Cryx and especialy there own kin (Trollkin and gobbers, the retributuion, etc). Course there very dubious abotu workign for the Circle. bunch of Ner do well humans in the wilds. And the Skorne who seem to threaten all of there kind as well as the humans. However once more if they were paid to take care of humans bythe Ksorne im sure there would be no hesitation. Of course they would prefer to be no where Everblight.

Being a Merc allwos me to move him and his compatriots around so when the Pcs are just of the right level they will strike.

Ideas on the other NPCS.

The Ogrun should have the Ogrun battleCannon from No quater #9.
It has some shinny ammo types.

The Gobber is a pistol weilding spell castign bugger. he has 3 spels but can only cast one per day. HE can also curse one person per day.
I also gave him a springloaded dagger in his coat sleeve which has venom on it hehe.

The Trollkin will either be a fighter or a Fell called i havent decided yet. May add another Trollkin as back up so i can have both fell caller and fighter.

The Iosan well im sure we can guewss which prestige class he will have. If you said Mage hunter giv yourself a small Geek crown with the privateer press logo on it.

And to mak up the 6th party mrmber the Gobber will have a old WarJack whos a bit "tempermental".

SO yeah should be fun i expect there to be carnage as our Gobber firend will obviously plan a ambush.

Next up I shal lbuild the Knight Exemplars Retinue for hi mwhen he is a higher level.

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