Monday, 22 June 2009

Star trek rockeths the boat

Even though Star Trek has been out at the cinema for well over a month now I only just saw it today.

So me and the loverly girlfriend decide spur of the moment that well go see it today. Also meant I could go pick up my promo magic cards. So we get in promo cards not here yet ARRGH!!!! We scared poor Graham (the owner of Inner Sanctum) well the missues did without realising it, and I brought the love of my life her 1st Warmachine minatures. They happen to be the same faction as mine. This means that I now by default have to work on a new faction. Done Llase mercenary force here we come. ANyway off we go to games workshop to get paints and drill that she brought muahahaha got usb stick back and then off we went to cinema to get tickets. However we were detoured to the ELc and one more shop. If I had a young kid right about now i would be extremely happy (all the toys SQEEEEEEEE). But yeah we get the tickets then we head to my work for food.

We missed the 1st showing at vue. We missed the 2nd veiwing. DAMN FOOD TOOK TO LONG >.< and they made the wrong pizza so had to wait for the right one. So we bumbled down to cineworld got our tickets there and finnaly sat down to watch it.

Now I really really enjoyed this movie. People told me it was good I did not realise how good. The opening made me go gah. And then it was just awesome from there on in. I want a new Star Trek series based on that movie NOW NOW NOW NOW !!!! If you havent seen it yet go now.
Next film I and Kylie will be seeing is Blood the Last Vampire (a must if youve seen the anime) so thats all for now.
except my xbox has gone 3 red lights on me so i gotta fix that tommorow so i can play and review duel of the planeswalkers (is it worth 800 gammer points). So more tommorow.

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