Friday, 1 July 2011

"Look up in the Sky", Mutants and Masterminds: The revenge of Dr Reaper

Oh my goodness. Once again I return to blog. Lets see how long it takes me to blog again. So folks last time I was here i was talking about running my 3.5 campaign. Well that's kind of on hiatus now. Due to time constraints I had to say farewell to theose students up in Scotland and wished them well on there role playing endeavours. I leave them in the capable hands of Rob who seems to be on his way to beign one tough GM. Seriously the games of his I played in were quite intense to say the least, boy knows how to put the pressure on.

so with the keeping the peace campaign shelved I decided it was time to focus on a project. I am currently in the process of writting a scenario for Mutants and Masterminds currently named "The revenge of Dr Reaver". Tonight I finnaly have completed the 1st successful play test and hoo boy was it fun. of course in the process I have created a new gaming group with the sole intent of running Mutants and Masterminds.

down the list we have:

  • Chris Sell as Super soldier 01: A former villain turned hero. Looking for acceptance from heroes and citizens alike.
  • David buck as Psycholass: A billionaire Gender changing psychic.
  • Jennifer Stone as Lyna: The violent Martial Artist.
So far this team of misfits do not make up any sort of super team but they were drawn into a series of events. Needless to say so Far this scenario has proved interesting. With a few extra bits on the fly. the best extra was having one of the heroes captured and having a hard time escaping and being recaptured. One shocking bit was the big monster going out in one hit from a lucky crit (by chris) and a natural 1 on the resistance check by me.  One of the heroes (Lyna) has shown a tendency for agression and willingness to kill. How this will affect the team is anyone's guess. Super soldier who wads there when lyna tried to kill a super villain was opposed to Killing. Psycholass on the other hand is more likely to see this as ok being mostly in it for the thrills.
Never the less Lyna has now gained a new enemy in the way of a Villain known as Grim.

Any way folks i think that is all. I shall be doing a few more play tests before I write it all up and release it. I may record a session of the playtests so you can hear what I have planned.

and with that i go back to do the 1st revisions. See you soon folks - Fen

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