Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Married life and Mutants and Masterminds GM kit

Hey folks we had a long hiatus between posts again but for good reason.

  1. Its the summer holidays and im burnt out from making pizzas
  2. Social commitments
So yeah I got married over a month ago and it is going well. I and my glorious missus have not killed each other ... yet. Honeymoon was great the wedding i am told by many was the best wedding EVAR!!!

We had some drama but hey nothing new.

Right so lets get down to the gritty. 

Mutants and Masterminds
Green Ronnin managed to walk away with 3 ENnies at Gen con two of them for Mutants and Masterminds. Both the Mutants and Masterminds Players handbook and the interior artwork for DC adventures both took silver awards. so well done to them.

So now lemme get down to what i wanted to review the Mutants and masterminds GM Kit.

The GM kit comes with two items the GM Screen and the random character generator. The Gm screen is made of the same material as a hard cover book making it very sturdy and the front cover artwork is nicely put together. On the inside the the screen has the information you need at your finger tips (damage charts, measurement tables, Size modifiers, action and manoeuvres  and basic conditions to name a few). 
The random character Generator is probaly one of the coolest bits of kit I have ever grabbed as a GM. A super hero RPG is one of the few games where a random hero generator can work in my opinion. The book is 48 pages long and comes with a expanded 
character sheet. The generator has 20 archetypes Each one of these archetypes has variable statistics so you wont get say two battle suit characters what are complete clones of each other.
By the time you are done generating this character you will have a 150 point PL10 character ready to go. The generator is great if your a player and you have a mental block on your new characters concepts. As each time ou roll for new advantages /abilities that random attribute is given a title such as: Overseer,Athletic, Innate power, Mutant/mutate. This can give you some ideas on your characters personality and concept. 
The Random generator is also great for GMs who are 30 minutes from game time and need to pull a new plot villain of the week out of the hat.

Anyway folks thats my review so until next time keep fighting the good fight - Fen

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