Tuesday, 31 March 2009

soooo tired.but soo awake

so i finjished work aty midnight and got in half an hour later. Bleh im now wide awake and want to sleep. Ive currently started paintign up my kahdor army for warmchine again. Epioc irusk is currently going through his paint job a long and lengthy process with all the detail on thatm odel.

Next up epic sorsha, the bears of gallowswodd almost all of my jacks alexia cianor and her risen. man hunter number 2 and yuri. the war daog the winter guad assualt kommandos.Men of war. Lots to do. not to mentio nthe space marine battle company isnt nearly done. GEESE I suffer the same problem most minature gamers do love the game love the minatures and i Have too many. Oh god i still got all my infinit stuff to build and paint WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY.

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