Monday, 18 May 2009

They just keep commig!!!!!!!

SO I went to RPG night today unfortunatly no Roleplaying was had. Oh well we now have all our Call of cuthulu charactwers soughted out for after the bank holiday.
Were looking at 1890's Steam punk setting, and i get to play the part of the megalomaniac Inventor from Prussia with his badly burnt sidekick Igor (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA).
Yes shall be fun as our D&D 4th Ed group may be comming to a end. Main reason for this is that when playing everythign feels too automated (ie press this button poof power activateS). I mean Wizards its a ok product if your trying to hit on the new genration of gamers whos idea of a roleplayign game is say WoW. For the group im with (the oldies/Vets) not all of us enjoy sitting down having to manage the combat down to the smallest point (eg whos standign where exactly). Some of us are personnaly down the act of doing abstract combat ok if your standing near these guys or near the entrance you get hit. SO yeah DD 4h ed good for micro managing combat and if you like the MMO feel in the real world.

So I get to try Pathfinder out Thursday as I shall be dming from 2Am onwards. Yay i am ding a Iron Kingdoms Campaign with pathfinder rules. It will give the base classes a little bit more of a edge (espescialy fighteR). Ive been lookign through pathfinderand I can say that therse not alot of changes to 3.5 there but wjhere they change things it works (ie getting rid of gather information and making it part of diplomacy for example). All the base classes have had a ugrade. Sorceror and Fighter are my favourite upgrades.

Fighters got Bravery what im proves there will saves against fear which is bloody helpful for fighters cas they are likely to have nothing in the way of a will save for many levels (fighter with points in Wisdom hahaha).
The armour training is great, as you go up in levels +1 to Ac and you get +1 to the max dex you can use in the armour. By level 20 you can have a +4 dex bonus in Fulle plate (enter the combat god), and then at 19th/20th level yo uget armour mastery what gives you damage reduction.
Weapon training just makes you more than the guy with bonus combat feats but into a pure weapon master. Choose a weapon group you now get a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls. Now every 4 levels choose another weapon group also increase your other weapon group bonus by +1 every 4 levels Gah PAIN. WIth this abbility I now DONT have to run round with my fighter buying into prestige classes/other classes for extra damage now, or buy these amazing feats. Just so i can keep up with the damage everyone else is throwing around. Although i dont usualy care i do get tired of beign out damaged by a rouge and a ranger specialy when im takign te brunt of the hits. And now the stupid amazing powewr you get at 20 weapon mastery. Choose one weapon of your choice. All your criticals auto confirm, you cnanot be disarmed whilst wielding that weapon AND when you score a critical the damage multiplier is INCREAESED by 1.

Ok Now Sorcerors there truly Amazing now. Previously I viewed them as Wizards who didnt learn spells jsut blew stuff up and couldnt really swich round spells like a wizard could. So effectivly a spontanius wizard. Now they have bloodlines. These give sorcerors new and unique abbiliteis based on the bloodlien they choose.
these bloodlines are:-
  • Aberrant
  • Abyssal
  • Arcane
  • Celestial
  • Destined
  • Draconic
  • Elemental
  • Fey
  • Infernal
  • Undead
All of these give some great bonus abbilities for sorcerors some which work great as a backup when there runnign low on spells (dragons breath). What I also forget to mention so will do quickly therse no spell per limit on 0 level spells now but cure and inflict minor wounds were removed.
For my campaign im limiting th bloodlines because soem really dotn fit in the iron Kingdoms universe. These are:-

  • Draconic
  • Abyssal
  • Abberant
Dragons a obvious oen. All dragons are warped twisted corrupt creatures wh are A sexual and create more spawn by spillign there blood.
Abyssal dosent really fit within in IK
and Abberant as therse no thingsl ike the planes or well any strange "alien" racers i nthe Ik i figured nah.

Infernal and Celestial I have no problem with. I see as Infernal as you family made a pact with infernals soemwhere along the lin and its just seepedinto you. although is your soul truely yours and celestial hey your blessed by Morrow/Dhunia/nyssor/whoever. I still havent decided on Fey but that will probaly go but elemental can stay.

So Iron Kingdoms im goign to enjoy a group hwat never has experienced Warmachine or Hordes so they dont know much about the universe so it will be a suprise them im sure. We also get to start 2 years before any of the major events of Warmachine so plenty of time for them to get used to the world at large.

At the moment everyones scattered across the country at uni and the like so were going to be using gametable for the 1st sessio nor 2 but when everyones back myp lace for D&D haha. In lue of everyone commign to my place and as were going through the witchfire trilogy ive gone and grabbed the Witchfire Trilogy minatures JOY I have all the major players (another Alexia whoop).

SO yeah much fun to come thursday

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