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1DVD volume of Slayers = 1 session of D&D

So its been a 2 weeks give or take since I got back from London Expo YAAAAY. Much fun was had and i me Scary go Rounds John Alison WHOOOOT. Among other things I brought some more shineys (mm shineys). But not much for myself this year as previous expos why you ask. I had to buy the missus her shinnys for the celebration of the day of her birth. So was kinda happy shes into all thigns geeky made buying her shinnys easy whilst there. Have to say grr to Ryan for buying the only 2 copies of night school that we could find at the expo, havign your sister ready to slaughter you is one thing but slaughter me over manga is something entirely new.

Then therse the freebie goddie bag. This year at 1st I wasnt impressed with the goodie bag a DVD a Hell Boy figure and wwe stickers and albume plus the usual extr gubbins of a poster and flyers.
But then We get Sundays goodie bag 2 Hellyboy figures 3 yes 3 DVD's and the wwe stickers i shall thourghyl burn those later.
SO I now have 2 copies of slayers volume 1, Escaflowne volume 5 (to go with my 1st 4 volumes of the series) and gundam wing volume 8.

Now Slayers is somethign ive been meaning to watch but hadnt got round to then volume 1 lands in my lap I think hey lets see hwat its liek then.
So im sitting there watching the 1st 6 episodes and by the end of it although im not a adict it has however made me chuckle.
Why? simple answer its a anime about a D&D campaign in my eyes. Ok not just D&D (for those who have been brain dead since the 1970s or who just dont care that means Dungeons and Dragons) it's a session of any pen and paper Fantasy RPG. Your main character a sorceres who makes thigns go boom and loves treasure. She is accompnied by a dim wit fighter. So far the bases are covered. Sorcerer hordes the lovely precious loot and then sells it off yada yada. Oh and then they find in the loot a powerful magic item. There then attacked by unknown assailants for this said item what a evil mastermind wants.

Yeah this has all the makigns of a D&D game. Coem on from a Games masters perspective at one tiem or another hav you had players whove had those kind of sterotypes?

Answer YES

Do they horde there treasure likme anything?


From the players point of view arent you always finding strange magical items you have no use for what your then attacked for later on thus leading you into one hell of a plot


Oh and the 1st ep yeah fighting a dragon is that tough ie good luck makign a dent on it.
and vilalgers beging for your help. Hey i got a big sward i wear armour sure i can help ... for a price.

Anyways DMed my 1st session of Iron Kingdoms using pathfinder. Was good ony 2 could make it 1 being the ever lusious missus. So the arcane Mechanik and the fighter (pirate yaar) aka the missus defended the caravan from th Swamp Gobbers I had the caravan leader and his driver get into action and tossed otu a freep otion considering it WAS 2 against 12. bur rhey came out on top. Havent calculated EXP yet as havent decided yet if im using the standered experience progression or the slow or quick one. I fell this decision must be made before next session.(next week I hope). SO yeah they made it to Corvis made it to the temople and to see father Dumas and off they go checking on grave robbign sites. It made me laugh when the arcane mechanik said in person to the Father about walkign dead and zombies oh hoho I had the dear fathers eyes light up. I dont think zombies is a normal occurence in Corvis now is it.
Down Side I forgot to introduce one very delightful young lady to the party bu they did spot her i nthe upstairs of the temple. So when they head back il lbe sure to introduce them.

Now I roughyl know what all my players are now going to be.

As ive stated so far I have a:
  • Arcane Mechanik
  • Fighter (she be a pirate YAAAR)
  • Paladin who wants to go Warcaster
  • Nyss Barbarian
  • Sorceress
  • Nyss IK ranger going towards rifleman
with possibly one more on the way who I dont know what hell be.
The Nyss barbarian and Paladin are lovers (out of game and in (couple players tsch)). As I asaid the paladi nis goign towards Warcaster (which he can meet the 1st pre-requisite at level 10). So i helped him out by advising him to put some of his skille points into and most of those skills are corss class ouch.
THe Barbarian as shes Nyss I made her a deal she can have a Nyss claymore but she gets very little starting gold (everyone got 300 shes got alot less). She agreed as she got the shinny big katana lookign blade.

Dont know the rangers motivations part from he wants to go rifleman.

The Fighter I designed to the girlfriends specs (she dosent like doing all the stating so i get lumbered with it). She wanted to be a pirate so I made a fighter based around her pistol and sword. Hope it will work out. She is a pathfinder fighter however so it may just (yay awesome pathfinder classes ftw).

Are arcane mechanik I think has are mad inventer poitn of the Iron Kingdoms universe covered.

The sorcerer. Kaiketsu always has to be a more comic relif character. I love it and hate it. When he said to me he wants to make a magical girl type of character I knew this was gonan be one of those times i mutilated a young puppy. To be honest after workign it out it wasnt so bad. A sorcerer with a air elimental blood power pool not oo shabby to be honest, oh and a scythe and her spells focus around buffing people.
After talkign with Kai about his religion and human sub species we worked round the idea of why a 14 year old gil was wandering though the Cygnaran countryside. being of sulese heritage Situated her birthplace in the protecterate of menoth. As Menites dont like spell casters she would probaly have been burnt at the stake not good. So instead she ran away from her family and escaped into Cygnar.
I think my players all wih little or no experience of the average D&D session outside of my table will find Kai a scary individual.

Well thats all for no I must be gttign rerady for work. Accursed Luna for gettign me adicted to Vocaloid. Accursed Girlfriend for showing me very sexy outfits she was thinking of buying. Accursed internet distracting me.

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