Monday, 20 July 2009

just a little update today

you know i havebeen painting my minis of late and i hought Id show everyone how far I have gotten.

BEHOLD from left to right - Vahn oberon (iron kingdoms - witch fire trilogy), Alexia Ciannor (witch fire trilogy - iron kingdoms), Miyamato Musashi (Infinity) and the big guy at the back is my Sprigana khadoran heavy warjack.

My sprigan im very proud off just because its not all red!!! I went and added another colour that wasnt a metal AWESOMENESS!!!

Ohberon isnt very red for my liking. Ill probaly go over Ohberon next with a coat of blood red snd p3 red ink mainly to pick out the folds in the robes.
alexias jacket i am pleased with. Its a mi of scorched brown (games workshop) and blood tracker brown (p3) iron wht ive then washed over with ogryn flesh (games workshop). Ohberon and alexia are from the iron kingdoms minatures range and featurei the witch fire trilogy. I have picked up all the Witch Fire Trilogy miatures and so far have completed only father dumas (whos missing an arm)
helstrom will be on the workbench later on after ive finished my current 3 miniatures. He will be joining Scarlet Kylies pirate minature from our dnd games.

I think ill paint alexia quite pale as she seems the pale kind.

Miyamato even though you cant see it properly hes standing on one of the street scenic bases from black cat bases. There awesome. and to be honest I dont think i did not even i have still need to put a base on him its got a big enough base as it is. Hes from the infinity game range and I still have to build his entire team and there support mech fuuuuun.
Right back to fixing my pc and going to sleep cause work tommorow /sigh


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