Saturday, 18 July 2009

I want my bed NOW!!!

ok before we get to the ranting lets look at a shinny new retibution warcaster Ravyn she looks shinny.

But none the less lets begin the rant its a classic. I HATE MY JOB!!!
Yeah last night was hell on earth got in at 6 to find it was all go. Pot wash was crammed up no one was working on it GAH. I jumped straight in we had to have two people working on the make table makign dah food prep sucks. The boss was meant ot be helping i nthe kitchen but didnt see him till late. Went and got most of defrost doen before i I ran out of clean pans and had to go to do potwash.

Oh and no one broke down any of the work surfqaces so I was essentialy left to close the entire kitchen myself JOY.

So yeah 2:30 this morning i slugged my corpse back home and went to bed annoyed that I start at 12 today and im closing again WHY!!!

so yeah anyone got a better job out there let me know.

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