Monday, 13 July 2009

Super Size my Warjack

Yeah so I went to The privateer press website this morning geared up to see what ne Shinny Retribution stuff there would be on the site today. There wasnt, instead however my taste buds were overjoyed to chew on the news that Warmachine has finnaly got a extreme sculpt.
For those who dont know Privateer Press do on occasion amazing culpts of iconic units, These minatures have amazing detail and a dynamic pose Plus a larger than normal price tag. For Exmple So far theyve done the Circles Warp wolf and The tollblood dire troll. Wel lnow its Warmachines turn.
Ladies and Gentlemen I Give you the Jugernaught EXTREME SCULPT. excuse me I need to freshen up.

Anyway This is Khadors classic warjack its awesome the pose is amazing, but the best part is that this sculpt towers over the normal jugernaught sculpt. Heck I do belive that this Jugernaught would make the behmoth blush. Fully possible goodness people FULLY POSSIBLE!!! It means when puttign it to gether I can put It together however I want AWESOME.
Now I just need some extra Cash to buy one .... Hope they got some in November still.

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