Monday, 13 July 2009

lets delve deeper into geekside

So here I go im gonna try and talk for a few minutes about something not made by Privateer Press or D&D related.

SO Warhammer 40,000 it is then. Now for years I played 40k because it was the only minatures game I knew what dealt with somethign what wasnt you know lets go reenact history with some minatures. Of course now there are many games for me to play and get my geek grove on. But before then I musty have spent alot on 40k. I know one of my last major purchase makes my spendature on 40k HUGE. when Appocalypse came out I brought a battle company I still havent finnished painting it.

But anyway after a while even though I love the 40k universe to bits and I honestly do im slowly giving up on the game as a whole. The reason why is that I odnt like the format anymore especialy with the armies. Also im cheesed off ive had to change my army books like several times in the past 3 or so years.
Now the new rules are good yes compared to 3rd and 4th ed rules which well 3rd was dreadful 4th was a improvment and 5ths gettign there. But what got me the most was the new format of the army books in 5th edition.

Now i understand the reason for it al lthe info in one sectio nand less serachign for how much this upgrade costs and what these special rules do but for me the customisability is gone.
i mean with the last Imperial gard and Space marine codex you had the options of running a default bog standared army picked fro mthe army list or you could take special traits. I had a space marine army limited on fast attack choices but had tactical marines equiped with a pisto land melee weapon rather than the standered bolter. I could make my assualt marines a little tougher for 3 extra points and takign them as elite choices. Essentialy I had 5 assualtt squads i na army and melee equiped tactical units. I enjoyed this load out.

With my guard I had made it so I hasd a rifleman regiment with a force of guardsmen who could scout through terrain and could take snipers in those squads.

But now i can take certain units and do fun stuff like, Take a chater master kit him out with a bike and take a bike squad as retinue and bike squads as troop choices but tis nto as fun. It has less fun options.

Sayign that I did enjoy appocalypse the expansion the made. Jsut the idea of takign 9 years of minatures stickign them on the table and going all out awesome. Just hard to find a opponent for a game with my shcedule is impossible as they take time. By time last game I did we started at 9 am finnushed up at 5pm and had what 5 turns i nall. Madness.

now they have a new expansion Planet strike. This looks to be fun I suppose the idea that the defender will have a hard time as the enemy will just keep on dropping in but to be honest im not going to buy it. Not for now. Time to put the crazyness of buying too much 40k, well for a while anyway. Prehaps il lbuy more when the battle company is painted. And the banblade is built .. .and painted.

I want a Titan but anyway on to somethign else.

Alistair my Arcane Mechanik in my IK campaign has been picking my brain about what he can build in time. He was going to make a flyign disc these are now flying boots. The airship options in there. A rail gun came up today but the one I want to see is the Giant Riding wolf.

Ok so we were bouncing ideas of awesome ideas he was thinking of a mechanika horse with compartments for storing equipment. Thinkign storing all equipment would be a obeslete idea he decided upon storing just weapons. So yeah then I said that was like clouds bike fenrir. Then we got talkign bout fenrir from norse mythology. this then turned to a mechanika Wolf powered by a storm chamber al could ride and store weapons in it. Hes now worked out what rune plates he wants to add to it to make it faster make it jump and now wants to add a warjack cortex to it. This thing will be expensive and excesivvly awesome. Says hell draw up the plans in game soon hehe cant wait, but i will have to as you know hes only level 2 hes gonna have to be alot higher to build it.

Right im done good night all

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