Monday, 19 December 2011

Rant inbound

So today is the first day of the school holidays and man was it busy. Now this would be ok IF if we had enough staff on shift, customers did not keep stomping in till half 9 at night and i had enough supplies to do the orders. But of course we didnot. Our delivery didnt turn up until 9:30PM and last i checked the idiot delivery driver is taking its sweet time unloading it.
We didnt have enough staff and not enough toppings and starters to go round. Oh and i managed to pull two hours over time. Greqt so here we are 11 o clock at night waiting for my train with a angry wife waiting for me. And the crazy part is i do this again tommorow and im going into helpvl the guy on the open. Then work till half 8.
I love the fufking holiday period.

++++Rant ends++++

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