Monday, 6 February 2012

Minecraft is one adictive game.

So 2 months into the new year and i and my wife have discovered that minecraft is hella adictive.
So addictive that we now have our own server. Just a little one but fun none the less it is now covered in small towns, art peices and monolithic subway tunnels that stretch from on continent to another.  Of course this has kinda killed my abbility to effectivly build and run a gaming session, that or maybe uts tye fact that sesion 1 of the star wars campaign involved character creation. Character creation usualy tends to slow things down.
But none the less players seem pumped about star ware campaign so thats all good.

In campaign news the party has just landed on the planet Entora and are currently proceding with a murder investigation. Personal opinion so far is game felt rushed this probaly due to charcter creation taking so long and the fact i moved players along quickly. My players are like kids with add you have to keep them a lil on track or they will begin to wander. Also i. Think some of my players dont enjoy the investigation parts i run. My getran gamer does as this is something completly new for him, compared to hack and slash games. Other newer players honestly want to get into the action faster.

Recently ive had the chance to play in my freind robs d&d games. These sessions are a new experience for me. Why you ask well ive come to the conclusion that i go too easy on players. Rob is ready to send em diving in to the fiery pits of hell 98% of the time litteraly. Hes not affraid or the liberal use of traps every 50ft or so. Apparajtly guards know what smugglers boots look like (i dont know how a normal pair of boots with a hidden pocket look shifty hut hey wont argue lil things like that as that would slow down game). His encoujters are more intresting than a straight up fight which i must do more often. Also on a side note i am apparently good at creepy shit after he came to me with an idea for something creepy and i made it creepier. Should add creepier shit into my games. Horray for fucked up sith things. Anyways ive gotten to work so ill sign off for now. Later people.

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