Friday, 31 July 2009

IOSAN "Jacks" have "Beam cannons"

Ok I got alot to blog about and I think im gonna have to use multiple posts cause im WAAAAAY behind on my bloging. So 1st blog is alll aboot No quater 25 and the awesomeness that is the retribution. So we got a sneak peek at one of the new casters stats and Wow. But wht im more intrested in ios the jacks or myromidins as they are known. Guts and Gears has a great article on how they work and I must say I loved the fact that they have a bonejack size damage grid but also have an energy field which can be used to fire a a beam of energyh at a opponent. BEAM CANNON!!! HELLS YEAH.

So I think thats a big plus for the Retribution and If I ever bring them into my campaign (and as we are currently in 603 Ar and the Retirbution are like 608 AR its gonna be a while) i think one will just charge up and blast away a small squadron of trenchers for shits and giggles.

SO whatesle did I enjoy. Well a whole Article on the Sailing Vessels of the Iron Kingdoms. Main reson we get a little sneaky nibble of Zu the land over the waves. I like the idea of Cygnatr and Ord being the two Nations pretty much on par with naval Technology and Khador just compencatign with BIGGER ships pretty much. Oh and Cygnar have subs go Cygnar.

There is a side note about the Cryxian fleets which is of note as well.

So Ayacon is a few weeks away now and is already cost me an arm and a leg on hotels (lastm inute problems what can i say it happens :) ).
Cant wait gonan be alogn friday but will be wel lworht it :D.

Also now have a laptop otw which is also costing me a small fortune.

Oh and I gotta resubmitt all my coursework barring one by the 18th and my pcs still ... BALLS. Right next up a tal kabout my campaign so far as we had an awesoem session Friday night.

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