Sunday, 2 August 2009

Enter The Cygnaran Military

So Friday was our latest session of my Iron Kingdoms Campaign which this week was "filler" (also reffered to as a side quest). I did start out writting this almighty side qwuest as I decided not to use the one what comes with the WitchFire Trilogy as I thought my group could do with somethign a little more intresting. But digreessing I had started to write up the nights quest but unfortunatly things got in the way like work. And wehn I sat down to finnish it I got interupted by mr selly comming over however it did mean I got a new player yays. Hes playing a Nyss rouge whos armed to the TEETH. Its all pretty cool.

So I decided to Wing the rest. Herse how it went down.

The Arcane Mechanik doing some work for the union overhears 3 men talking to a sailor from his point of view he could see they were Cygnaran Military, he approachesthem gets there story.

The Cygnarans are looking for a group of smugglers who have stollen a vast quantity of cortexes and jack parts (including military grade parts and cortexes). The cygnarans almost had them the other day but thenwell there was the whole undead army attacking Corvis and the group of SMugglers slipped out of there grasp. Now they need help tracking these smuglers down.

So our mechanik goes to find his adventuring party who had been held up in a tavern since the events of the longest night. He walks in to find our gun toting pirate swigging down as much rum as possible and our one armed "dirty harry" gun mage boozin and flitin with a nyss.

He explains the job shows em a picture of there target. The Nyss had seen him in the undercity however she was too sloshed at the time to give an answer and passed out.

The next morning the fun ensues the gun mage and nyss wake up i nthe same bed arcane mechanik comes up to find our gun mage and nyss in a wtf/what in mororws name is going on. So the mechanik asks the nyss if she has seen the man there looking for she had but wanted half the reward which didnt go down well with the group one thing led to the nyss pointing a dagger at the mechanik and the gun mage pointing a gun at the nyss' head which lead to the nyss revealing the Grenades under her great coat attached to string so if they do anythign she releases all the grenades everybody go boom. so the mechanik grudgingly agrees (mainly because he dosent want to be a smear on whats left of the tavern walls).

So they head into Corvis' seedy underbelly where on there way to the bar the nyss last saw the suspect they were ambushed by a gang who wanted all the Crowns (gold) and any other belongings. Unfortunatly the group got there arses handed to them and the party stood ther victorious wit hour pirate now in possesion of a Radcliff Firestorm Pistol from the gang leader.

When they get to the bar they ask around specificaly at the bartender and after being pretty much robbed blind of a fair few crowns get the information on where there target and his smugling crew were hiding out.

They go and check the place out they find 2 guards at the door. The rouge finds a back route but its got alot of rubble around it but she thinks he can get by without making any sound.

So they make a plan Nyss will sneak orund the back and if needs be ambush the enemy if things go badly. The rest of the party were to bluff there way in under the guise of having information on the men tracking them down. it worked (my rolls suck balls).

Wo the Nyss gets in noproblem after sneaking in and unlocking the door. the nyss finds herselves in a dinning hall where two people are talking about getting out of the city one of them has a Khardic accent.

The others entyer through the front and meet the leader of the gang known as boris.

He offers them many crowns for them to take care of the cygnarans and all the jack parts they had aquired except for the cortex'. After the group leaves the Nyss over hears a conversaion between the Khard woman and boris about how they intend to kill the party has done the job.

So the Nyss gets out and relays the information to the party who decide they best ally with the Cygnarans. SO after meetign trhem at there place they com to agreement the reward plus they hget to keep anythign they find so long as its not property of the Cygnaran Military or the Cortexes.

So the group works together to flush out the smugglers. This was goign to be a intrestign fight as I was hoping they would walk in the front which they did and they would be met by one of the smuglers go for a item under a tarp what happened to b a cygnaran chain gun. Unfortunatly The party didnt get much in the way of a challegne as the Nyss primed a flash grenade and tossed it in stunning the smuglers whic where then picked off quickly.
By the end of the battle The arcane mechanik was hauling off a nomad and a mule minus the cortexes and a few parts like arms and heads.
The gun mage came away with a quad iron and the pirate came away with a rifle.

All in all they were happy rewards better than money I belive. Unfortunatly the Khardic woman had vanished along with a cortex.

After stashing the jacks at a steamo storage unit a cleric approache the party and informs them that Father Dumas has summoned them. And thats where we left it ready for the next part of the Witchfire.

Right this post has taken me a flipping weke to write between sleeping and working so now I am gonna sleep as you know were RPing tommorow also I need to finnish Writing the Cygnaran soldiers stats as I think they will make great alleisl ateri n the game.

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